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Bathroom flooring


Amtico provides high-quality bathroom flooring products, expert assistance and accessible advice, making us the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to update their bathroom with durable and beautiful flooring.

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Choosing the right vinyl bathroom flooring can seem like a difficult task, but with expert information and the right selection of products, anyone can make their bathroom a beautiful and tranquil place to be. Our vinyl bathroom flooring offers many benefits over natural or more traditional flooring materials. It is an incredibly practical choice for flooring in your home, with so many positive qualities such water and stain resistance, warmth underfoot, and how easy it is to clean and maintain. This makes it an excellent for both bathrooms and kitchens.

Amtico prides itself on superior quality products, and exceptional customer service. Take a closer look at the factors surrounding quality vinyl bathroom flooring to determine the right product, style and budget for your project.

Why choose Amtico bathroom flooring products?

Amtico are a market leader in delivering LVT products that are suitable for bathrooms.


With bases across Europe and Asia. With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing LVT, Amtico are positioned as the number one choice for designers and architects alike. Our in-house design team are continuously pushing boundaries for what’s possible with luxury vinyl tile flooring, travelling the world for inspiration and keeping ahead of the competition with our expert production and manufacturing techniques.

Amtico is proud by the internal collaboration between all of our teams. As designers, manufacturers, technologists and expert consultants, Amtico work closely together to pioneer the crafted design creativity, product innovation and service that has built our industry-leading reputation which continually sets our floors apart, making us the number one choice of designers, architects and developers across the globe.

The design led, durability, and performance of our bathroom flooring luxury vinyl tiles is reinforced by the pride we take in our work and our heritage as a leading British manufacturer. At the heart of our loyal customer relationships is a trust in our ability to make-to-order and deliver, stylish, bespoke, premium, high-quality floors our clients need, suitable for any sector. Whatever you’re looking for, it can be achieved through a unique combination of collaborative creativity, enduring performance and our unrivalled expertise, placing us as today’s industry leader.

From design to delivery, we take pride in rigorous testing and quality control. At every step of the Amtico process are trusted experts with specialist knowledge and industry experience. Our Quality System complies and is accredited against the internationally recognised standard of ISO 9001:2008. For more information regarding our accreditors, or technical information for our products visit:

Every member of the Amtico team is responsible for quality, and with an in-depth quality control process we ensure all products meet the expectations of an industry leader. We strive for perfection: that’s what helps us to continually improve and stay market leaders. Our trusted experts are driven to lead industry standards for product and service. It’s our collective passion for flooring that leads to long-term customer relationships and a long-serving, experienced workforce.

For over 50 years Amtico have been combining design creativity with the highest levels of quality in manufacturing and service at our base in Coventry, UK. We’re proud to be designed, innovated and manufactured in Britain. This means our team work together to discover new possibilities of flooring by experimenting with products, production and manufacturing techniques, sharing skills, innovation and expertise. We collaborate to create products that are both beautiful and technically excellent with high-quality performance. Products you can trust because they are made with pride. Trust in the enduring performance of our products, our agile service and sustainable supply chain sits at the heart of our loyal customer relationships. Relationships managed by our specialist customer services team who look after your project with care every step of the way.

At Amtico, we’re dedicated and passionate about original design. We’re driven by imagination, curiosity and creativity. We don’t think there’s a template for good design. Our process is considered and robust, but also organic and collaborative.

We travel the globe for inspiration and to stay ahead of the latest design trends, and manufacturing processes. That’s why we can create truly innovative and original floors, unlike any other in the industry. Amtico value the creation of extraordinary designs, which enable the client to explore and combine in infinite ways - producing breathtaking and unique spaces. As Amtico create, design and manufacture on site in the UK, it means we can create designs and palettes that work across all of our collections, giving you the freedom to experiment. To move seamlessly between patterns, tones, textures and even materials across an inspirational range of designs.

Our ethos to design and manufacturing is underpinned by:

Performance Assured. Thanks to the exceptional quality and durability our manufacturing excellence brings, we’re so confident in the performance of our products we offer a 20-year commercial warranty.

Expert Knowledge. The unrivalled knowledge, expert support and bespoke service you’d expect from a market leader with over 50 years’ experience.

British Excellence. We’re not just made in Britain, we’re designed, innovated, and manufactured here. From our proud heritage comes an agile service and sustainable supply chain.

Inspiring Possibility. An extraordinary range of products, palettes and patterns that give you the design choices to realise your creative vision.

A strong reputation

An exceptional reputation is one of the most difficult things to build in any industry, so we have worked hard to maintain customer satisfaction, build strong relationships with our partners and provide the best flooring solutions for our clients across all sectors. Our competitors, partners and clients agree that Amtico is one of the most trusted for service and product delivery, placing us as the industry leader for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

We are very efficient when it comes to communication, thanks to our advanced and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Clients can get in touch via email, social media, telephone, sales and post. This means any queries or concerns can be addressed as quickly as possible by our dedicated team. Our customer care team are always on hand to reassure clients and offer solutions. We are able to offer expert advice on any project. Through our extensive list of regional based sale representatives, we can provide industry-leading guidance on your needs and requirements.

Rules and regulations

Amtico adhere to the rules and regulations that govern business in the United Kingdom and other countries of the world, giving our clients extra peace of mind that theyre working with a legally licensed company. Amtico’s terms and conditions are detailed enough to ensure that our clients understand exactly what to expect to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Amtico are accredited by the following organisations:




Floor Score

For more information regarding our accreditors, or technical information for our products visit:

Weve designed our products so they can be installed quickly without compromising on durability or design. With enough time and skill, they could be installed by almost anyone. However, we recommend a professional installation for better construction quality and lasting functionality. For more information follow the preparation and installation guidelines at:

Before purchasing any product or collection for your bathroom flooring project it is important to be aware of the intended use of the product. Once the product has been delivered ensure it is exactly what was ordered, if there are concerns or discrepancies then contact your sales representative immediately. The job site, or location the flooring is to be installed must be checked prior to installation, and thoroughly cleaned. Please follow the installation procedures relevant to the product or collection you are to install.

Choosing the right materials for bathroom flooring

When choosing the right material for your flooring project there are certain factors to consider, such as budgetary requirements, intended use, location, potential footfall, estimate years of use and installation. These factors may contribute to your choice of collection and product.

Amtico Signature is our premium collection of design-led flooring which offers an inspirational range of designs to choose from to create your unique bathroom flooring solution. As our flagship collection, Amtico Signature is made up of one hundred and sixty three products with variations across three exciting design types: Woods, Stones and Abstracts. Amtico Signature offers industry leading quality and varied product choice to adapt to you project and also to meet your technical needs. This range is highly suited to Residential as well as Commercial spaces.

Tips for maintaining the beauty of your bathroom floor

Amtico products are designed and built to last. When following the right maintenance methods then you can keep your flooring looking at stunning and beautiful as the day it was first installed. Each product and collection is built and made with different wear layers and technical specifications, so ensure when cleaning your floor you refer to the official Amtico maintenance guidelines, and use the correct Amtico cleaning and care products.

Avoid any activity that may damage the floor, such as placing heavy objects or pulling them across the surface - potentially damaging the product. While the damage may seem minor at first, it can gradually develop over time. Follow instructions of use to avoid staining, scratching or damaging the surface.

Ensure that you follow the Amtico maintenance practices for caring for your bathroom flooring. If youre unable to carry out maintenance by yourself, we advise seeking help from an expert or contacting our support team for advice. Timely repairs are often more cost-effective in the long-run.

Its important to find a contractor who can install your floor with precision and commitment, and who are certified by Amtico. Poor installation can lead to damage. The contractor should have significant experience in handling the type of floor you want, as well the right tools and skills for the job.

When Amtico products are kept clean and dry, and properly maintained they have excellent slip-resistant properties, making them the ideal choice for bathroom flooring. However, in common with other smooth floor coverings, water, other liquids, grease and other contaminants on the surface of the floor can make them slippery.

It is best to ensure the product is routinely maintained, which can be done through a variety of Amtico approved methods, please visit for our expert guidance:

Planning your project

Durability should be an important factor in your decision when choosing different products or collections for your bathroom flooring project. Amtico Signature has a twenty-year warranty, with a thickness of 2.5mm and a 1mm wear layer. This ensures products from this collection are not only developed by our design team to create inspiring and stunning spaces, but they’re built and manufactured to be used across all sectors and environments. Please refer to our website for guidance on the warranty and technical specifications, relevant to your specific project.

The size of your bathroom can inform your choice of product or collection. If youre unsure about the most suitable product or collection, please contact our expert team for advice and guidance.

Colours and design for your bathroom flooring project

To create a relaxing and functional bathroom space, choose products from collections that complement not just your bathroom but your entire home or project. We have a wide variety of collections to choose from, which have been developed to meet every type of need, including: Amtico Signature, Amtico Spacia, Amtico First, Amtico Access, Amtico Assura, Amtico Marine, Amtico Entryway, Amtico Acoustic. For more information please visit our collections:

We offer a wide range of beautiful floor products including all colours, Wood types, Stone types, along with more exciting and innovative Abstract patterns. If youre unsure about your colour scheme, our experts can help you find your perfect product.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a durable and cost-effective material – making it ideal for achieving a premium look for your bathroom. LVT flooring is available in a wide range of sizes, colours, styles and patterns to fit all types of spaces and design schemes.

Compare tones or combine textures with our free samples

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You are able to order up to 6 samples free of charge. For help or guidance with selecting your ideal floor and design options, to installation and maintenance advice, our dedicated Amtico Flooring Specialists offer you exceptional knowledge and service.

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Installing your Amtico bathroom floor

It is important to find a contractor who can install your floor with precision and commitment, as poor installation can lead to damage, The contractor should have significant experience in handling the type of floor you want, plus the right tools and skills for the job.

How to choose the right installation contractor

Amtico products have been designed for straightforward installation. To ensure the process is a smooth as possible and the floor looks as beautiful as you imagined, we believe good preparation is key.

The base of the floor should be clean, smooth, hard and dry. For the best quality fit the surface area must be even, ready for installation. Be aware that any irregularities in the sub-floor will disturb the beauty of your finished floor. The quality and preparation of sub-floors, testing for moisture content and relative humidity, and installation procedures must be in accordance with Amtico International technical guidelines and BS 8201, BS 8203 and BS 8204.

For help or further guidance on installation please visit our Technical section, which includes: