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Amtico Décor x National Trust

Our National Trust collection is inspired by heritage and history to bring unique flooring to your home, while supporting National Trust projects.

A perfect pairing.

Amtico has been creating beautiful, inspirational floors for over 60 years, and we share our passion for heritage design and craftsmanship through Amtico Décor.

Now, we are proud to share new Décor designs in collaboration with the National Trust. Taking inspiration from the historic designs and patterns in National Trust properties, these unique flooring designs bring the grandeur and heritage of the past into modern homes.

Victorian Star York

A percentage from UK sales of this collection for the next three years will help the National Trust to conserve its historic properties and care for areas of beautiful countryside. It will also contribute to developing sustainability projects establishing diverse woodland, creating new habitats and protecting biodiversity. Find out more about our collaboration.

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Design Choices

These decorative geometric designs use a sumptuously rich colour palette from the Amtico Signature collection, seamlessly blending traditional styling with a contemporary look & feel.

DC612 Venetian Parquet Wood Larkspur

Venetian Parquet

A fashion inspired parquet

Venetian Parquet takes inspiration from the intricate patterns seen in Lady Mary Curzon’s Peacock Dress, who lived at Kedleston Hall, a property cared for by the National Trust in the Derbyshire countryside. The dress is laced with cultural beauty; designed in Paris, with Delhi crafted fabric and traditional Indian embroidery. The peacock feather has been reimagined into our contemporary take on parquet, adding a new dimension. This modern pattern shows linear movement, lending itself perfectly to a textured wood pairing; with four varied oak tones, Venetian Parquet wood will add character to your home.

Venetian Parquet Wood

The indulgent, chocolatey tones of Tay Oak are given depth and movement through Venetian Parquet's directional pieces.

Venetian Parquet Wood

Brushed Oak's distinctive directionality is brought to life through Venetian Parquet's beautiful angled shapes, giving the illusion of movement.

A versatile laying pattern

The Peacock Dress inspired pattern offers a whole new aesthetic when created with different materials. Whilst the woods form a more organic geometric aesthetic, this marble and stone pairing creates dramatic contrast. With two versatile colourways, Venetian Parquet Stone carries character into any space; a bold monochrome combination and a softer pairing of pink and grey hues.

Venetian Parquet Stone

Celebrate the timeless appeal of Art Deco style with Frieze. A striking and sophisticated combination of tonal marble pieces that has wonderful depth and directionality.

Venetian Parquet Stone

Pavilion combines three beautiful marbles for a trend-led pink and grey combination. A delicate yet statement design that will make an impact and inject colour into your scheme.

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DC603 Akari Lattice Small Meadowsweet in Living Room

Akari Lattice

Woven to Perfection

The Akari Lattice blends authentic woods and effortless pattern, utilising the grain’s movement and texture. The delicate pattern is inspired by a beautiful gilt fretwork cabinet at Kedleston Hall, commissioned around 1758 and crafted by famous London cabinet maker John Linnell. The four single colour designs offer a variety of looks, from modernising light tones to more dramatic deep wood hues.

Akari Lattice Small

Tay Oak's sumptuous chocolate tones and gentle grain is reminiscent of the opulent furniture pieces at Kedleston Hall.

Akari Lattice Small

Trevellas Oak's beautiful simple grain is emphasised in this intricate pattern.

Akari Lattice Large

A beautiful combination of a characterful wood and a pattern that feels rich with heritage, directly inspired by a Chinoiserie cabinet found in Kedleston Hall. 

Akari Lattice Large

Tay Oak's colour variation is maximised by the directional qualities within this pattern, flooding your space with warm tones.

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Akari Lattice Large Honeysuckle, DC608}
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DC620 Corinthian Cornice with AR0W8790 Hackfall Oak in kitchen diner


A timeless piece of history

Influenced by Robert Adam’s beautiful designs that adorn Kedleston Hall’s ceilings, Corinthian delicately balances squares, diamonds and circles to create an elegant design. A calm selection of stones create a perfect colour contrast, reflecting the relief work in the ornate ceilings of the Ante-Room - for endless character and charm.


Three neutral stones harmonise to create a palette that's soft and delicate, whilst still retaining a grounded feeling that comes from weighty stones.

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This palette of soft grey tones combine in a refined pattern of angles and curves to create a floor that has depth and weight.

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Corinthian Cornice, DC620}

Corinthian Cornice

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Corinthian Capitol, DC621}

Corinthian Capitol

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Corinthian Cove, DC622}

Corinthian Cove

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DC618 Temple Diamond Truss

Temple Diamond

From ceiling to floor

The inspiration for the Temple Diamond began further afield than Kedleston Hall. When designing the Saloon ceiling alcoves, Adams looked to the Roman Forum, where similar diamond coffering can be seen in the Temple of Venus.

This geometric pattern exudes a traditional tile aesthetic, but with three contrasting colourways, it gives a sense of modernity that allows it to pair effortlessly with both period and contemporary homes.

Temple Diamond

A pattern inspired by neoclassical interiors works with modern materials, to create a familiar design with a chic contemporary twist.

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Temple Diamond

A classic black and white combination is modernised with a stunning green marble. A perfect addition in bijou feature areas.

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Temple Diamond Florentine, DC617}
Temple Diamond Truss, DC618}

Temple Diamond Truss

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Temple Diamond Doric, DC619}

Temple Diamond Doric

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DC494 Victorian Star Edison in Kitchen

Victorian Star

Considered colours, iconic design

Evocative of Victorian tile flooring, with its considered colour and sharp geometric design, Victorian Star Small creates an iconic look. Available in four contrasting colourways, Victorian Star Small is designed to work flawlessly with products from our Signature collection, for a perfect statement floor.

Victorian Star Small

Chester has a more neutral palette - perfect for a calming, restful environment. The soft blue tones work perfectly in a bathroom or bedroom.

Victorian Star Small

Edison has been designed for impact, with earthy tones that brings a warmth to any home. This pattern creates a stunning feature around a kitchen island or as a statement entrance hall.

Heritage and movement

Carrying lasting elegance and the organic beauty of wood, Victorian Star Large is available in two premium grains from the Signature collection. Reflecting historic marquetry techniques, with realistic grooves following the contours of wood and further enhancing the intricate shapes within the pattern, Victorian Star Large has a textured appearance that adds depth and dimension to the floor.

Victorian Star Large

York is a smooth, soft, even-toned Oak design. And as Amtico flooring works with underfloor heating - you can create a cosy living space that is warm underfoot.

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Victorian Star Large

Canterbury has the feel of a rich, rustic, untreated Oak floor which works equally well in traditional and modern homes. Finish the design with the new Pinstripe Medium border to create a real statement floor.

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Victorian Star Edison

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Victorian Star Chester, DC624}
Victorian Star Otto, DC471}

Victorian Star Otto

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Victorian Star York, DC473}

Victorian Star York

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Victorian Star Canterbury, DC472}
DC497 Octagon Key Grace in Kitchen area

Octagon Key

Inspired by the Georgian Era

Octagon Key takes inspiration from the architectural features indicative of the Georgian era and derives from the popular keystone aesthetic. Available in four charming colourways, the motif design defines spaces with its delicate detailing.

Octagon Key

Rayne takes the traditional key stone floor design and dials up the luxury with sumptuous marble. This monochrome palette has strong contrast - and will bring the wow factor to any home.

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Octagon Key

Inspired by classic Georgian detailing - Grace has a highly useable grey-toned colour palette - perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and statement entrance halls.

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Octagon Key Grace, DC497}

Octagon Key Grace

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Octagon Key Briar, DC625}

Octagon Key Briar

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Octagon Key Alma, DC499}

Octagon Key Alma

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Octagon Key Rayne, DC477}

Octagon Key Rayne

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