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Cleaning Amtico Flooring

Amtico luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floors are designed to last and are easy to care for. Unlike natural floors, cleaning an Amtico floor only requires a light sweep and a mop for regular upkeep. We recommend a yearly deep clean to remove any tough ingrained dirt to freshen up your LVT floor and keep it looking good as new. By adding an Amtico Indoor Cotton Mat at doorways, you can help to protect your floors all year round.

Cleaning and Care of Amtico Flooring

Caring for your Amtico floor in four easy steps:

Protect the surface

1. Protect the surface

Add protective felt feet or glides to your furniture to keep your floor as immaculate as the day it was fitted. Included in your Amtico Starter Kit, they help reduce the risk of scratching your floor. Try increasing the contact area between your furniture and floor to spread the weight, which will also help to reduce the risk of dents.

Remove dust and dirt

2. Remove dust and dirt

The key to maintaining any floor is to keep it clean, and the beauty of Amtico products is that there is very little maintenance required. Sweep frequently with a soft brush, mop occasionally and use an Amtico Doormat to reduce the chance of dirt and grime being walked onto your floor.

Wash and Brush

3. Wash and brush up

We recommend Amtico Floorcare Maintainer for regular cleaning with a standard string mop – this will remove any marks that don’t disappear with a light sweep. Any spillages should be wiped up immediately and then cleaned with our Amtico Spillage Remover.

Spring clean

4. Spring clean

Once a year, or as and when required, we recommend a deeper clean. Use Amtico Floorcare Stripper to remove any ingrained dirt – simply apply the prepared solution, leave for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse twice. Once the floor is dry, apply Amtico Floorcare Dressing for a fresh new look.

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Amtico Floor Care FAQs

The Amtico cleaning kit contains all you need for your floor care, so you can enjoy years of beauty beneath your feet.

The kit contains the following:

  • Spillage remover 500ml

  • Maintainer 1 litre

  • Protective felt pads

  • Cleaning pad

The Amtico Floorcare kit is available to purchase from your local Amtico retailer.

Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit

To keep your Amtico LVT looking its best, we recommend sweeping with a soft brush every day or as needed and mopping with Amtico floor cleaner once a week. A deeper clean using our Stripper solution should be used at least once a year to remove ingrained dirt and get your floors looking as good as new.

You can use bleach to clean your Amtico vinyl floor, but make sure it’s properly diluted one part bleach to ten parts water. Amtico floor cleaner is great for regular cleaning – we recommend using this to mop once a week.

We don’t recommend using any types of vinegar to clean Amtico vinyl flooring as the acidity can dull the surface of the floor. To ensure brilliant results, use our Amtico floor cleaner which is formulated especially for our Amtico vinyl floors.

You can use a hoover on Amtico vinyl flooring, but make sure it’s a suitable cleaner for hard floors. Before you hoover, check that the wheels turn freely and that grit cannot be trapped beneath the base plate which could mark the floor. A light sweep with a soft brush or a dust mop is usually the best way of removing dust and loose dirt from your Amtico vinyl flooring.

It is possible to use a Flash speed mop on your Amtico flooring, and the dry cloths can be great for removing dust and dirt from your Amtico flooring. Always follow the instructions for Flash and any other cleaning products to ensure you are using the correct quantities.

You should not use a steam cleaner on your Amtico flooring, as this can damage the floors. For best results, we recommend sweeping with a soft brush every day or as needed and mopping with Amtico floor cleaner once a week.

Amtico Doormats

Explore our range of hard-wearing, super-absorbent Indoor Cotton Mats. A simple addition to any home to trap dirt in its tracks.

Amtico Indoor Cotton Mats

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