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2LG collaborate with Amtico

Creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead founded 2LG Interior Design Studio, based in South East London.

Amtico Spacia White Ash Laid in Stripwood Laying Pattern

White Ash from the Amtico Spacia Collection laid in a Stripwood Laying Pattern.

What is the 2LG Studio?

The 2LG Studio offers residential and commercial interior design services, design consultancy services and styling services. Our transparent way of working has evolved over years of working with clients and allows creativity to flow freely. Simplicity, elegance, functionality and our signature use of colour. With one eye on the past and the other on the future, we believe that each element of your space should have a voice of its own and speak about you in some way.

What does design mean to you? And how did this inspire your career path?

Our ethos of "Making living lovely" is outlined in our title book, launched this year. "Free your home with creative design" sums it up simply and easily. We are big believers that design can be transformative and really positively affect the way you experience living in your home. We have always loved design and art. We love theatre, music, travel (although not at the moment!). This has inspired us hugely, helping us to hone our style and build our business of Interior design, creative direction, styling, consultancy and leaders with our community.

Amtico and 2LG Collaboration

Jordan Cluroe and Russel Whitehead, founders of 2LG Interior Design Studio.

We understand with client-based interior design, your job is to interpret the needs of others. However, how would you describe your own personal style?

Easy. We call our style JOYFUL MINIMALISM. Bold, colourful, brave and minimalist all at once.

We are delighted to say we have partnered with 2LG Studio on a number of projects, why do you choose Amtico flooring?

It's so perfect for many solutions. Perfect for families who have high traffic areas, children and pets. Super practical. It's also very slim, we have used it several times in apartments where ceiling heights are low, and we don't want to lose any height. Not to mention the many options of designs.

Why choose LVT over real wood?

Mostly how practical it is: easy to clean, super practical for open plan spaces that lead out onto gardens. It also works brilliantly with under floor heating, which we are using all the time with client projects.

Please tell us a little bit more about your most recent project, what was the brief and why did you specify Amtico?

A complete redesign and renovation of a one bed London apartment, creating a new start for the homeowner. A layered scheme of pale wood, natural stone and linen with touches of brass and lacquered wood. The palette is a soft neutral base (perfect for our client) with a powerful deep burgundy top note that adds sensuality. Bespoke joinery creates ample storage with black metal details throughout that ground the whole space.

We opened up all the doorways to full ceiling height and connected the kitchen to the space with a new opening. We chose Amtico as we wanted a fluid flooring to cover all areas without thresholds, we wanted to use underfloor heating and also ceiling heights are restricted and so we wanted minimal depth. Our client also has two dogs! To see more spaces styled with Amtico products, why not browse our Kitchen, Bedroom and Living room pages.

Amtico Spacia White Ash

White Ash from the Amtico Spacia Collection.

White Ash in Stripwood Laying Pattern

White Ash in a Stripwood Laying Pattern.

What is your design prediction for the next year? One thing that is in and one thing that is out.

We really don't like or follow trends. If orange is out, but you love it, have orange! Never follow trends, your home should be a reflection of YOU!

What interior designers and/or brands are inspiring you at the moment?.

We love to discover new brands and young designers. We are currently loving the work Benchmark has launched in collaboration with Mac Collins, We discovered Mac Collins’ work a few years ago at London Design Fair and love what he does. Also, Instagram is a great source to discover new and amazing designers. Interior designers we are crushing on at the moment are FLACK studio in Australia. Stunning work.

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With an unrivalled choice of flooring options, Amtico allows you to effortlessly introduce colour and pattern to your home.