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Celebrating 60 Years of Amtico:

The People, the Passion, and the Path to British Manufacturing Expertise

Amtico, the pioneer of luxury vinyl flooring in the UK, proudly commemorates its 60th anniversary. At the heart of this celebration are the people who have made it all possible. Since its establishment in 1964, Amtico has not only been a leader in the LVT sector, but a family of dedicated individuals united by their commitment to delivering innovative and beautiful flooring solutions to commercial and residential customers.

Kirby Oak, AR0W8780 - laid in Gable Parquet and Stripwood.

Across six decades, Amtico has remained committed to designing and crafting truly exquisite floors, all from its prestigious UK headquarters and factory in Coventry. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, Amtico has played a pivotal role in shaping superior interior spaces, providing exceptional flooring for both residential and commercial settings worldwide. Today, Amtico's unique flooring can be found in over 130 countries around the globe.

The people of Amtico are the driving force behind the brand's vision. Their dedication to crafting designer flooring marrying function with form, durability, low maintenance, and quality, has cemented Amtico's position as a market leader in LVT. The long-lasting relationships formed with both employees and customers have been instrumental in the company's continued success.

Amtico takes immense pride in its five unique collections: Signature, Décor, Form, Spacia, and Click Smart. These collections showcase an extensive portfolio of stone, wood, and abstract flooring options, each crafted by the creativity and expertise of Amtico's people. Additionally, Amtico has been at the forefront of sustainability in LVT production, recently introducing the Bio collection. Thanks to PVC resin made from renewable biomass, this eco-conscious range features bio-attributed LVT, offering environmentally conscious customers the option of lower carbon flooring. Finally, in the spirit of collaboration, Amtico has also partnered with Europe's largest conservation charity, the National Trust, to create two stunning exclusive collections.

Capri, SS5S2610 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

As Amtico marks 60 years of excellence, the spotlight is on its dedicated workforce. From David Quinn, a Maintenance Engineer with an impressive 47-year journey within the company, to the 566 employees worldwide, of which 499 are based in Coventry and Solihull, it is the people who define Amtico's success story.

Amtico employee David Quinn in the factory

David Quinn, Maintenance Engineer at Amtico.

Beyond the realm of flooring, Amtico has remained deeply committed to the local community. In 2023 alone, Amtico fundraised for and provided volunteers to support over 20 local organisations, including Birmingham Children's Hospital, Heart of England Forest, Myton Hospice, and the 'Make Good Grow' foundation.

As Amtico looks ahead to a future filled with innovation, sustainability, and continued collaboration with its remarkable people and customers, it remains firm in its gratitude for the extraordinary individuals who have shaped its journey.

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