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Discover Marble in Amtico Flooring

Amtico’s solution to a marble floor – whether you are looking for a traditional, classic or more contemporary approach to this timeless material, Amtico has options for your home.

Amtico Spacia Rose Marble with Tempus Soothe

Rose Marble, SS5S2620 with Tempus Soothe, AR0STE31 stripping.

With marble designs available in our Signature, Décor and Spacia collections there is a marble flooring solution for all. Bring elegance into a room or instill grandeur into a new home. We’ve brought the beauty of marble into LVT flooring.

All our luxurious marble flooring effects have been created by our in-house design team offering a contemporary product in a classic texture, perfect for a modern or traditional home. Creating marble effect LVT makes it effortless to cut geometric pattern into a classic material that is now lightweight during installation and warm underfoot.

Amtico Spacia White Marble and Black Marble

White Marble, SS5S2618 and Black Marble, SS5S2621 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Amtico Spacia Grey Marble SS5S2619

Grey Marble, SS5S2619 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Graceful style with marble - Amtico’s Spacia marbles are fresh and elegant all at once. Ranging from classic Black & White marble to the contemporary tonal Rose Marble there is a solution for creating a luxurious finish in any home. With four marble effect flooring colours to choose from this ageless design can be tailored to any interior.

Amtico's Spacia Marbles

White Marble, SS5S2618}

White Marble

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Rose Marble, SS5S2620}

Rose Marble

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Grey Marble, SS5S2619}

Grey Marble

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Black Marble, SS5S2621}

Black Marble

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With Amtico’s marble designs being available to lay in a selection of patterns, this material can be appreciated in numerous ways. For variation and movement, try marble parquet and to really highlight the veining detail, try a classic chequerboard.

Elegant style with marble - Amtico’s Onyx Marble is a subtle grey marble with cool white tones that promises to bring a sense of delicate opulence to your space. You can also find our beautiful Onyx Marble in our luxury Amtico Décor collection, adding a further element of geometric pattern to LVT floor tiles.

Amtico Signature Onyx Marble AR0SOM30

Onyx Marble, AR0SOM30 - from the Amtico Signature collection.

Amtico Decor Octagon Key Rayne DC477

Octagon Key Rayne, DC477 - from the Amtico Décor collection.

Amtico's Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble, AR0SOM30}
AR0SOM30Amtico Signature

Onyx Marble

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Explore more ways to use marble with our online room visualiser, or order a sample through our website today. Or, for a more personalised experience, visit your local retailer to see how you can enhance your home with Amtico's marble designs.

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