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Style your space with extra large planks & tiles

Adding a feeling of space to smaller rooms, extra-large LVT planks and tiles also focus attention on the surface detail, with textural wood grain or stone hues.

Carriage Oak, SS5W3316 laid in Stripwood.

Carriage Oak, SS5W3316 - in a 184 x 1219mm plank, laid in Stripwood.

Space enhancing

Whether you have a small room that longs to feel larger or a generous open-plan interior, extra-large planks and tiles instantly create an illusion of space.

LVT wood and stone-effect floors enhance a continuous look that flows effortlessly from room to room. The secret is that larger sizes have fewer joins, creating a seamless and spacious look. They also avoid closely repeated features, which adds to the effect.

Extra-large LVT tiles can also be used to elevate an open-plan kitchen-diner or to make a compact hallway, bathroom or ensuite feel bigger and brighter. For an on-trend urban vibe, our Villa Concrete is a much easier and affordable alternative to a poured concrete floor while Horizon adds a luxe look with its smoky tones.

Villa Concrete, SS5S2612 laid in Uniform Tile.

Villa Concrete, SS5S2612 - in a 610 x 914mm tile, laid in Uniform Tile.

Horizon, SS5S2634 laid in Uniform Tile.

Horizon, SS5S2634 - in a 457 x 457mm tile, laid in Uniform Tile.

Design details

As well as making any room feel instantly larger, LVT planks and tiles in extra-large sizes also allow the surface detail to become a feature in itself. Our Spacia collection of wood and stone LVT emulates the look and feel of natural materials with its organic tones and realistic patterns and textures. The collection is more affordable and easier to install than the real thing, making our luxury vinyl plank and tile floors the perfect choice for any room renovation or interior update.

Granary Oak, SS5W3318 laid in Stripwood.

Granary Oak, SS5W3318 - in a 184 x 1219mm plank, laid in Stripwood.

Size matters

Our Spacia collection of LVT wood and stone-style planks and tiles comes in a range of sizes to suit all needs. There are four tile sizes, including the extra-large 610 x 914mm, two plank sizes including the extra-large 184 x 1219mm as well as two Parquets that include a large 102 x 457mm design.

For an authentic wood grain effect with natural tones and realistic textures, our Nordic Oak brings a modern Scandinavian feel to bedrooms, kitchens and living areas. Hampton Oak meanwhile is a contemporary take on a more traditional timber with fine dark grains that come into their own in an extra-large plank.

Nordic Oak, SS5W2550 laid in Stripwood.

Nordic Oak, SS5W2550 - in a 184 x 1219mm plank, laid in Stripwood.

Hampton Oak, SS5W3031 - in a 184 x 1219mm plank, laid in Stripwood.

Hampton Oak, SS5W3031 - in a 184 x 1219mm plank, laid in Stripwood.

Discover our Amtico Spacia Collection

Whether you prefer modern or classic, contemporary or characterful, our Spacia collection of LVT planks and tiles is durable and hardwearing with a 25-year warranty, making it the perfect flooring choice for your home.

LVT plank floor SS5W3312 Muted Oak in Herringbone Plank.