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Hygienic Flooring

It’s no surprise that many of us are more germ-conscious than ever, putting safety, security and good hygiene at the top of our priority lists when it comes to decorating our homes. Hygienic flooring with antibacterial properties can help to make our homes even safer.

Powdered Oak, SS5W3311 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Powdered Oak, SS5W3311 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Antimicrobial flooring from Amtico

Our Signature, Form* and Spacia collections use antimicrobial technology that's been independently tested for its effectiveness. Results show an amazing >99.9% fewer bacteria and 85.5% fewer viruses present on the floor’s surface after 24 hours, when compared to an untreated control**.

Our hygienic flooring is durable too, the silver antimicrobial additive we embed within the urethane coating won't seep out. The technology is also used in food contact and medical environments, providing additional peace of mind.

How does antimicrobial flooring work?

Many of our LVT collections are manufactured using antimicrobial technology to help prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi – all classed as ‘microbes’ which are tiny organisms that are too small to be seen.

The antimicrobial additives we embed into our floor's urethane coating make it much more difficult for microbes to multiply. When bacteria can't divide and multiply and when fungi can't release spores, they can't survive. Viruses are affected too - a virus will lose its viability (which means it will essentially 'die off') sooner on a surface that's embedded with antimicrobials than on a surface that doesn't have any antimicrobial resistance.

Sherwood Oak, SS5W2532 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Sherwood Oak, SS5W2532 - from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Mineral, FS7S4350 - from the Amtico Form collection.

Mineral, FS7S4350 - from the Amtico Form collection.

Which microbes are we helping you to keep at bay?

Common types of bacteria that are proven to be killed by the antibacterial properties of our flooring include MRSA and E-Coli**. Our antimicrobial technology also reduced viruses present, such as SARS-CoV-2**, the virus which causes Covid-19. The silver additive we use has also been proven to keep fungi at bay, such as mold and mildew.

All our antimicrobial flooring achieves the same levels of high performance against sunlight, scuffs and stains and heavy traffic that you expect from any Amtico floor alongside keeping your home safer and cleaner.

Hygienic flooring for your family

There are many reasons why you might benefit from antimicrobial flooring in your home. Perhaps you have children who regularly play on the floor. You might have pets who like to bring the outside in with them. Whatever your reason for wanting hygienic flooring, the antimicrobial properties of our collections add an extra unique layer of protection for your whole family.

As the safety of our families remains front and centre, and for those of us that are more conscious than ever of our health, developments like this are more than simply new technology: they’re about the peace of mind that comes with taking every step we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

*Excluding Barrel Oak

**Independently verified against E-Coli and MRSA, to ISO 22196, showing a reduction of >99.9% after 24hrs. Also tested against SARS-CoV-2, to ISO 21702, showing a reduction of 85.5% after 24hrs compared to an untreated control and a reduction of >99.9% against the initial inoculation.

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Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find flooring that matches your style.

Amtico Form Rural Oak in Parquet Laying Pattern.