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LVT: Peace of Mind for Your Home

When it comes to decorating or renovating a home, just like wall coverings, your flooring will act as a backdrop for the rest of your interior scheme. However, unlike paint or wallpaper, which can be easily changed or updated, flooring is a key investment that should last the test of time.

Lune Small, DC561 - with Stucco Clay and Diffusion Cashew, paired with Bordeaux Oak in Stripwood.

Lune Small, DC561 - with Stucco Clay and Diffusion Cashew, paired with Bordeaux Oak in Stripwood.

LVT is a hardwearing and practical material that’s perfect for those who want to achieve the look of natural timber or stone without the maintenance associated with them. It is also a wonderful option for homeowners that want to inject personality into their interiors through unique colours and patterns. Keep reading to find out why you should consider Amtico LVT for a flooring that will last a lifetime.

Why LVT?

LVT beautifully marries the appeal of natural materials with durability and easy maintenance. From stone-effect designs available in an array of colours, to wood-inspired planks with hand-crafted grooves that follow the contours of real timber, Amtico’s collections feature timeless styles designed to make the natural practical. Warm and comfortable underfoot and compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees, LVT is also water, stain and scratch-resistant, meaning it can be used in every room of the home – including those busy family spaces that require careful attention. What’s more, LVT requires minimal maintenance: regular sweeping and mopping combined with yearly deep cleaning is all you’ll need to do to keep your floor looking fresh and beautiful.

Carriage Oak, SS5W3316 - laid in Stripwood.

Carriage Oak, SS5W3316 - laid in Stripwood.

How long will LVT last?

Choosing a new floor is a long-term investment - that’s why Amtico offers some of the longest warranties in the industry. Amtico LVT will stand the test of time, and the warranty associated with it is a sign of the commitment to its quality, resilience and durability.

Amtico’s Signature and Décor collections provide ultimate peace of mind with a Lifetime warranty. For added insurance, when you sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the next owners, with a limit of 35 years from installation. Amtico’s other collections - Form, Spacia and Click Smart - also come with warranties between 20 and 30 years, so you know that no matter the product you choose, you’ll always bring timeless style and outstanding performance into your home.

We recommend your Amtico floor to be professionally fitted by an Amtico Approved Retailer or other specialist floor installers to ensure the best results.

Amtico Spacia White Ash

White Ash, SS5W2540 - in a Herringbone Plank laying pattern.

Is LVT easy to replace if it gets damaged?

Accidents can happen, particularly in busy family homes! Light scuff and abrasion marks can easily be removed by gently rubbing Spillage Remover with the Amtico cleaning pad or a similar non-abrasive sponge.

Amtico flooring is designed to be stripped periodically. This process will restore older LVT floors, removing any marks and scuffs which have appeared in the wear layer. Why not take a look at the Wear and Care guide for more detailed information on caring for your Amtico floor?

If you accidentally damage Amtico LVT and you’re unable to fix it, then any individual tile can be repaired or replaced. Remember that any repairs should be conducted by an Amtico endorsed or competent floor fitter, to avoid affecting your warranty.

Ready to take the next step and see which Amtico product is right for you? Download a brochure now and order up to six free samples to start creating your dream floor.

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Caring for your Amtico floor

Enjoy years of beauty beneath your feet. Follow our four simple steps to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Amtico Form Sienna Oak in Small Parquet