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What's Coming Next: Flooring Trends for 2024

Our homes have become multifunctional spaces over the past few years. As we move into 2024, we continue to explore the desire for authenticity, zoning within the home and biophilic places of sanctuary and wellness.

Dining area features Geo Melrose being used as a rug effect design, paired with Toulouse Oak.

Geo Melrose, DC488 paired with Toulouse Oak, AR0W8430 in Stripwood.

From material and colour, to texture and laying patterns, Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design and Visual Creation at Amtico, looks ahead to the latest flooring trends to introduce into your home.


2024 will see a continuation of authentic colours and textures, with a wider focus on craftsmanship, hand-made and artisan craft, realistic grains and grounded earthy hues.

With warm, comforting tones being key, you should expect to see a surge of easy-to-use dark woods, with rich, chocolate oaks taking centre stage.

Taking inspiration from everyday materials, Amtico flooring is designed to be hyper-realistic. From chalky, paler marbles that mirror natural pigmentation, to raw concrete effects that provide gentle movement across the floor to achieve softer industrial schemes.

Bold Zoning

Serving as a multifunctional space, the home is now a place where we work, entertain and relax. In 2024, it will become increasingly more important to carefully define zones within the home, utilising flooring to achieve subliminal zoning, helping to set different moods.

Don't be afraid to mix materials or patterns between spaces, cleverly using borders and simple perimeters with contrasting stripping to help create visually stunning material breaks.

Whether it is elegantly joining the flooring between rooms, or creating a beautiful, architectural focal point, homeowners can achieve it all.

Amtico's redesigned Signature collection lends itself perfectly to this technique with new variations of marbles, woods, stones and the introduction of metallic stripping.

Alternatively, the Amtico Décor collection is built up of intricate designs, perfect for those looking to make a statement in their home.

Serene Spaces

People’s desire to create a sense of retreat within their homes and a welcoming environment to recharge, will continue to drive the interior designs in 2024. The return to natural colours and authentic materials, coupled with softer organic shapes and heavier textures are key design focuses.

Homes are our healing spaces. As we face life after the pandemic, there is a renewed focus on human-centric living spaces that emphasise stress-relieving design. People are looking to create quiet spaces or 'nurturing nooks' that provide a comfortable space to recharge. We want comfort and homeliness above all else.

Amtico's Crema in Pavestone paired with natural accessories.

Crema in Pavestone, FP111 - from the Amtico Form collection.

Floor features Rialto Concrete in Large Parquet with neutral home accessories.

Rialto Concrete, SS5S2611 - in a Large Parquet laying pattern, from the Amtico Spacia collection.

Alongside wood, calming shades of green and blues are becoming the new "usable neutrals". Inspiration for bathrooms is being drawn from spas and wellness centres with the rise of the "Spa'throom", a room dedicated to soothing and personal wellbeing.

Quiet Luxury

This trend is all about subtle luxurious finishes that are timeless. Low contrasts between colours and patterns, and the mix of simple stones or Scandi wood tones can create a smooth classic approach. Hardwearing natural materials, such as beautiful, veined marbles, are perfect for injecting a space with an understated sense of luxury.

Amtico offers a range of products from authentic looking wood floors to marble-effect LVT tiles that are designed to mimic the natural veined texture of marble to create a luxurious atmosphere and long-lasting finish.

Hallway features Verde Classic Marble in a Uniform Tile with neutral toned walls and soft furnishing.

Verde Classic Marble, AR0SCA87 - in a Uniform Tile laying pattern, from the Amtico Signature collection.

This trend can truly lend itself to numerous designs and spaces within the home: from clean, light minimalist rooms to darker, traditional schemes, and even interiors that border on theatrical.

Laying Patterns

Flooring patterns can completely change the look of a room. Timeless patterns such as herringbone and parquet remain a key pattern within our collections and are predicted to be on-trend for 2024.

Look to Amtico's new Versailles Parquet and Chevron designs or the new Gable Parquet and Chantilly Weave. These re-imagined modern takes on ornate traditional laying patterns can be adopted for different schemes within different grains or colours.

Alongside more traditional and heavily patterned options, there is also an increased demand for curves. Shifting from small, sharp geometric designs to softer circular shapes; in line with the cry for more healing, soft luxury spaces, these curves bring gentle fluidity. Circles also play into the return of the playful retro movements that will hit interiors over the next 12 months.

2024 will also welcome large-scale tile slabs. New extra-large and grand flagstone patterns are the best for open-plan spaces, be it in cottage kitchens or more industrial spaces.

The cost-of-living crisis will also impact decisions in 2024, as it gives us a renewed focus on living spaces and how they look, function and make us feel. Amtico flooring is an affordable alternative to natural materials with added durability and a timeless appeal that allows homeowners to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

Want to explore the latest collections and how you can introduce these trends into your home? Order a free brochure or samples and make use of our Room Visualiser to help you pick the right floor for your home. No matter the trend, you can be sure to find a product to help you create a unique and personal space.

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