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Flooring Focus: Why choose LVT over Natural Stone?

Beautiful and sophisticated, stone flooring can introduce depth and variation to a space. Offering all the aesthetic appeal of its natural counterpart, Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) stone-effect flooring is far easier to maintain.

Amtico Spacia Villa Concrete

Villa Concrete, SS5S2612 - laid in a Uniform Tile laying pattern.

Hardwearing, hardworking and durable

Amtico LVT is designed to take whatever life throws at it, so you can be confident that it won’t chip, crack or scuff in the same ways natural stone will. Unlike natural stone, it’s naturally warm and quiet underfoot, making it perfect for busier areas in your home like the hallway or kitchen.

Cleaning & maintaining LVT is easy

Unlike delicate natural surfaces, our LVT takes minimum effort to maintain. Sweep frequently and mop occasionally.

Our stone-effect LVT also brings the added benefit of not having grout lines that can often be difficult to clean and maintain. It also now features antimicrobial protection, providing protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

Don’t worry about spills and stains

All households need a floor that stands up to the tests of spills and stains. The Quantum Guard coating on Amtico LVT means it will not absorb any liquids that may accidentally be spilt on it. The same cannot be said for real stone, which is often porous.

Choosing your look

Effortlessly timeless and classically beautiful, stone-effect flooring has an enduring appeal that has the power to transform any home. Defined by earthborn shades, tonal variations, subtle movement and textural patterns, our extensive range of stone-effect flooring offers something for every interior.

Villa Concrete in Uniform Tile

Villa Concrete, SS5S2612 - laid in a Uniform Tile laying pattern.

Amtico Spacia Almalfi in Uniform Tile

Almalfi, SS5S2609 - laid in a Uniform Tile laying pattern.

For homeowners looking to create an industrial feel, our Spacia Concretes is the perfect option. Inspired by urban architecture, the concrete designs include warm grey tones with a finely-textured finish. The subtle mid-grey tonal finish of Spacia Villa Concrete, pictured above, makes it an ideal flooring option to either flood across a space to create a seamless feel or pair with a coordinating tile for dramatic effect. Don’t be afraid to pair this design with patterned flooring, such as our Amalfi Elemental Terrazzo, or inject bold colourings with your accessories and wall colourings to create a balance between the colour palettes within your space.

Chequer Queenside, DC500 - from the Amtico Dé​cor collection.

Chequer Queenside, DC500 - from the Amtico Dé​cor collection.

Experiment with different patterns. Whether it’s how you lay your tile, check out our page on laying patterns, or opt for a design that has a pattern incorporated into the tile itself. Our Décor Chequer Queenside, pictured above, provides the perfect juxtaposition; with the sleek, deep grey Graphite Slate being offset by the rich terracotta of Encaustic Jaser to create a bold, traditional look. Offset deeper tones with stone-washed walls to ensure your flooring takes centre stage. For more inspiration, why not browse our Hallway flooring page.

Amtico Form Cinder in Pavestone

Cinder, FS7S4400 - laid in a Pavestone laying pattern.

With mindfulness and well-being remaining at the centre of our interiors, creating restful spaces to retreat to from our busy lives is more important than ever. Monochromatic schemes based on blush pinks and natural greens bring a sense of calm and order to a space. Combine this with cool stone-effect tones to marry the natural finishes within your home. Our Form Mineral, pictured above, effortlessly showcases how the natural stone effect pigmentations that are unique to each tile draws on the natural light within this to create a subtle movement within the space.

Without compromising on style whilst boasting huge benefits, view our full range of stone effect flooring, and don’t forget to tag us in your home transformations on Instagram @amticoflooring, #uniquelyamtico.

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