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Discover the best flooring options for your commercial space by considering important factors such as performance, installation, suitability and durability.

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Amtico are a leading designer and manufacturer of flooring for commercial spaces. We create beautiful, practical and adaptable designs across a range of LVT collections that are designed and manufactured in the UK.

We pride ourselves on pioneering crafted design creativity and product innovation in delivering LVT flooring for the commercial market. We have a wealth of experience working with architects and designers throughout the construction industry delivering exceptional results. At Amtico our ethos is to make it possible for our clients to create outstanding flooring solutions for any space, across a variety of commercial sectors.

Commercial flooring for any sector or space

Our range of collections cover a variety of needs for commercial flooring. We can help guide you through the steps needed to design and deliver unique flooring solutions for your project.

We offer a variety of products that vary in thickness and wear layers depending on the commercial sector and environment. Our premium Signature collection has a total thickness of 2.5mm and a 1mm wear layer making it a versatile and durable product that suits a variety of commercial spaces. Amtico Spacia has a 0.55mm wear layer making it a accessible product which is suited for commercial spaces such as retail where footfall traffic is high. Amtico First has a wear layer of 0.3mm making it suitable LVT solution for light commercial environments such as student accommodation, hotel bedrooms and the private rental sector where the footfall traffic is low. Amtico Assura is our safety flooring collection, whereby the product has an enhanced slip resistance property as well as a 1mm wear layer. Amtico Access is our loose lay collection. Our Access LVT products can be laid without adhesive and offers improved acoustic performance. 

Amtico are specialists in designing beautiful, durable commercial flooring for a broad range of sectors and applications, including:

Whatever your project, or wherever you are in the process of designing spaces for your clients, Amtico’s dedicated team deliver exception personal service to help guide you.

What sets our commercial flooring aside?

Working with Amtico to design your commercial flooring solution means you benefit from our outstanding levels of service, experience and capability.

These are just some of the reasons to select Amtico as your commercial flooring partner:

Read about some of our recent projects here:

And find out more about what makes Amtico the right choice for your flooring projects here:

The benefits of selecting an LVT solution for commercial flooring projects

LVT offers an outstanding choice for commercial flooring projects of any scale. Amtico offers a variety of collections of LVT which have been created to best fit applications across commercial sectors.

Our LVT range has been build from 50 years experience meaning we have unprecedented knowledge and technical ability. Our collections offer an outstanding level of durability where natural flooring choices can not complete.

Our products are versatile, easy to fit and to maintain. But alongside being a practical choice, we pride ourselves on our leading design ability. Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested at our base in the Midlands.

Our designers are some of the best in the world in terms of expertise in this field, and we take inspiration from the very latest trends in both commercial and residential sectors.

Amtico commercial flooring collections

Amtico offers eight commercial flooring collections each with its own slant on beautiful design. We are proud of our established British heritage, not only designing in the UK but also manufacturing, delivering and working with our clients in the long term.

Our collections span an exceptional range of products with inspiring palettes and patterns to create your own unique spaces.

Our experts can work with you to understand the needs of your project, and what you want to achieve.

Amtico’s commercial flooring collections include:

Amtico Signature is our premium collection of design-led flooring which offers an inspirational range of designs to choose from and laying patterns to create your own unique flooring solution. This is our flagship collection and is made up of one hundred and sixty-three products with variations across woods, stones and abstracts. It offers exceptional quality, choice and variety to adapt to you project and also to meet your technical needs. This range is highly suited to commercial as well as residential spaces.

 The Amtico Spacia collection offers a choice of ninety-six high-performance products with an 0.55mm wear layer. Amtico’s skilled craftsmanship has been used to create an accessible and practical collection of hard-wearing vinyl flooring, still with our outstanding level of unique, British led design. With this collection, we make it possible to afford a practical, stylish floor for your project.

Amtico First is a highly practical and usable solution, created specifically for specifiers and fitters working in light commercial use spaces such as student accommodation assisted living and military housing. It delivers an adaptable 0.3mm wear layer available in fifty four with a wealth of sizes and finishes to fit the spaces you are designing for.

Amtico Access is a collection of forty-three products with an 0.55mm wear layer, available across wood, stone and abstract finishes designed for rapid installation and durable use in retail, office and hospitality spaces. It does not require adhesive and has the benefit of improved acoustic performance. Access is a range of beautiful, loose lay floors with palettes and finishes to truly complement any design. This range is highly durable to suit environments with heavy footfall. It is easy to maintain and we are confident it will stand the test of time. We offer a 10-year guarantee on the collection.

Amtico Assura is a safety focussed product and R10 enhanced slip resistance with a modified 1.0mm wear layer. It meets with international safety regulations, achieving 36+ in the pendulum wet test, whilst retaining style and elegance. This makes it ideal for commercial flooring projects designing for high foot-fall public spaces where slip resistance is vital, so it is well suited to places where spillages could occur and where water can be brought in from the outside under foot. So if your project encompasses entry halls and spaces, canteens, waiting rooms and high traffic hospitality or canteen spaces, then Amtico Assura offers the ideal flooring solution. Being a commercial grade product Amtico Assura comes with a 20 year warranty period.

Amtico Marine offers a range of sixty-nine beautiful design tiles. Fully compliant with modules B and D of the Marine Equipment Directive, and meeting the wheelmark approval issued by Lloyd's Register Verification, this collection has been specifically created for Marine vessel usage. The collection combines technical excellence with adaptable, versatile design which have had the benefit of working with the Maritime industry in its development. The Amtico Marine collection comes in a diverse range of wood, abstract and stone designs which look outstanding but which you can also trust to provide technical excellence for your marine flooring project. Working in these spaces our products have the flexibility to work in different combinations and come with a range of motifs to create unique, effective marine spaces.

Amtico Entryway offers the ideal flooring solution to commercial entrances, using 6,6 and scraper fibres to help remove dirt and debris at the door. This collection features 6 designs; 2 Ruffian, 2 Recourse, 2 Take-Back with an 8.7mm to 8.7mm thickness and a range of styles making it highly adaptable and practical for your entryway project. All products come with a ten year warranty. The range is designed to work well with our other Amtico commercial flooring collections, allowing you to create complementary, practical and beautiful designs for your projects.

Amtico Acoustic is a high-performance acoustic enhancement to LVT which can be added to a broad selection of our Signature and Spacia products for commercial flooring projects where sound reduction is a key requirement. Acoustic features a closed cell 1mm foam layer which reduces sound transmission by up to 18 dB. Alongside this, it has the added benefit of reducing fatigue in areas with high levels of footfall with its residual indentation of <0.20mm, making the flooring more comfortable to walk on. The combined LTV with acoustic product is made up of 6 layers or treatments including urethane treatment to protect against wear and tear, 2 high performance wear layers, the aesthetic layers which deliver the design, backing layers and the acoustic backing made of a visco elastic polymer based closed cell foam.

Designers’ Choice presents a brand new collection featuring eighty-four floor designs created to by the Amtico designers to help you deliver original flare to your commercial flooring project. With Designers Choice we have developed a range of ready to use original combinations of products, delivered across fourteen laying patterns. With our fifty year heritage and knowledge of LVT, we wanted to share our expertise and advanced cutting capabilities to help you make the most of our product range to create original flare.

Find inspiration from our Designers Choice collection here:

Browse all our products and find the best options to suit your project here:

Using our product search, you can compare and view detailed specification information about each of our products, including downloading high-quality images to use to demonstrate and create mood boards for your commercial flooring clients.

You can also download or request hard copies of our commercial flooring brochures and request product samples.

Designing a unique solution for your clients

Amtico products are available in a range of design finishes; from modern and stylish abstract designs through to highly realistic wood and stone effect styles.

Our Wood effect products allow you to have the character and rustic charm of a natural wood look without the installation and maintenance issues. Our wood designs look highly realistic yet are highly durable, adaptable and easy to clean. Our commercial flooring wood product options include a diverse range of tones accurately emulating natural varieties of wood including oak, sencha, walnut and cedar amongst others.

Our extensive and ever-evolving abstract range delivers an exemplary collection of designs featuring contemporary palettes which deliver a modern edge to commercial flooring projects. Our designs take inspirations from an array of materials to introduce tones of metals, sophisticated linear styles and impactful colour pallets which can not fail to impress.

Amtico’s stone products are inspired by nature to create the impact you would look for when using natural stone. Our designs are  

Laying patterns

As well as our set collections, Amtico Endless Possibilities allows you to select your preferred Designers Choice laying pattern and apply your own colour and product mix, creating a unique design for your commercial flooring project.

Start by selecting the Designers Choice pattern or patterns you feel will work best, and then browse our Signature collections to find the products you would like to work with.

From there you can decide how you would like to place your products within the pattern framework.

Our team of experts are available to help you select your products and understand which laying patterns can work best to achieve the result you and your clients are looking for.

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Our LVT products are made up of five core layers (six if Acoustic is used) including a top level urethane treatment to protect against wear and tear, two high performance wear layers, the aesthetic layer which creates the design, and the backing layer.

Technical specialisms

You can trust Amtico with your commercial flooring project. We rigorously test all our products applying comprehensive quality control. Your new Amtico floor must pass 43 product assurance checks, from colour and component specification to gauge and bevelling to adhesion and curl testing, before it is approved for sale. With our specialist knowledge and industry experience, you can rely on us to provide technical excellence.

Installation and maintenance

Our products are easy to install and maintain and care for, and as well as our warranty periods, when you work with Amtico we provide support with installation and advice on how to keep your new LVT floor looking fantastic.

Technical support

The Amtico website offers extensive and comprehensive technical documentation for each of our products with guidance on installation and maintenance. Visit our online repository to find our technical support guides:


To really see how our beautiful products are the best solution for your space, you need to see the genuine article. We offer free samples at All you need to do is browse our range and add your preferred product to a basket, then simply complete the form and we will send up to twelve samples out to you without charge.

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If you would like more help with a bespoke project, or have CAD queries then feel free to get in touch with our expert sales team who will be happy to help:

Collaborate with Amtico to create your flooring solution

We love to collaborate with architects, designers, fitters and contractors to create outstanding commercial flooring solutions. Start by browsing our extensive collections and product variations at, then get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you deliver an outstanding solution for your flooring project.