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Amtico Access Collection
Fast fit, loose lay vinyl planks & tiles

Easy to fit, simple to maintain and perfect for raised access flooring, Amtico Access provides a straightforward solution to quick turnaround commercial refits.

Amtico Access Loose Lay LVT tiles in office environment

Simple & flexible loose lay planks & tiles

Super tough wear layer gives long lasting protection

Quick and easy to install, saving time and money

Perfect for hard-working commercial environments

Our commitment to quality, resilience and durability


Time saving*


Cost saving*

For commercial environments where speed is essential, Access is the ideal flooring solution. Quick and cost effective to lay with minimal disruption to the install environment, Access can be installed directly and easily onto a range of existing subfloors including concrete, wood or raised access flooring panels.

*Compares to fitting 150-250m2 Amtico Access with same amount of gluedown LVT on plywood, June 2021.

Flexible workspace design

Amtico Access may be a practical flooring solution but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. The collection contains a palette of timeless finishes from subtle, natural oaks to contemporary linears and cool stones - perfect for modern flexible workspace schemes.

Featured Products

Camden Grey, SX5S3079}

Camden Grey

Hackney Grey, SX5S3082}

Hackney Grey

Shoreditch Grey, SX5S3081}

Shoreditch Grey

Brixton Grey, SX5S3080}

Brixton Grey

Ceramic Flint, SX5S2594}

Ceramic Flint

Mountain Oak, SX5W2656}

Mountain Oak

Shibori Jasmine, SX5W7800}

Shibori Jasmine

Cavalier Oak, SX5W5024}

Cavalier Oak

Shibori Sencha, SX5W7780}

Shibori Sencha

Shadow Oak, SX5W5022}

Shadow Oak

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