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Safety Flooring by Amtico

Take some of Amtico's best-selling Signature and Spacia products, including two parquet size options. Combine with high-performance slip resistant particles and antimicrobial technology. This is safety flooring from Amtico.

Safety flooring doesn't have to be sheet


Proven to reduce bacteria present by more than 99% over 24 hours*


Flexible plank and tile sizes including two parquet options.

Wet Pendulum > 36

Enhanced slip resistance for the lifetime of the product.

When is a safety floor not a safety floor?

When it doesn’t meet the BS EN 13845 Enhanced Slip Standard.

According to the HSE, almost all slips happen when flooring is wet or contaminated with anything from oil to food debris and even dust. The best way to combat slips and trips is to design them out of a building, and part of this solution is to specify a reliable safety floor.

Halo Pine laid in a Herringbone Pattern, paired with Stria Volcanic in a Broken Bond Laying Pattern - from the Amtico Signature 36+ collection.

Weathered Oak in a Herringbone Laying Pattern, from the Amtico Spacia 36+ Collection.

What is an Amtico Safety Floor?

Enhanced slip resistance for the floor's lifetime

Our unique, in-house manufacturing technique distributes slip resistant particles throughout the wear layers.

This means more consistent performance over the floor's lifetime and longer lasting slip resistance than products with particles only in the coating.

Protection from MRSA and E.coli.

Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+ are safety LVT products that have been manufactured with integral antimicrobial protection.

Under independent tests this active ingredient has been proven to reduce bacteria growth by 99% over 24 hours when compared with standard products of a similar type and construction.*

This means that both Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+ bring an extra level of defence, giving you peace of mind between cleanings.

* Independently verified against E.Coli and MRSA, to ISO 22196, showing a reduction of >99.9% after 24hrs. Also tested against SARS-CoV-2, to ISO 21702, showing an 85.5% reduction after 24 hours compared to an untreated control, and a reduction of >99.9% against the initial inoculation.

Environmental Accreditations

Made in the UK, our safety flooring meets or exceeds global environmental and manufacturing standards. Our ethos is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality across design, manufacture and service.

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Amtico Signature 36+

Signature 36+ delivers sustainable slip resistance and meets the requirements of the enhanced slip standard, combined with the same extraordinary design philosophy that defines Amtico Signature, and comes with a 20 year Commercial warranty.

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Amtico Spacia 36+

Made for any commercial space where safety is paramount, Spacia 36+ LVT is made up of slip-resistant particles and antimicrobial technology, for long-lasting performance. Available with a 10 year Commercial warranty.

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