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The Defined Contribution Section (DC Section) of the Amtico Company Pension Scheme.

As a member of the DC Section of the Amtico Company Pension Scheme, you’ll have your own pension account into which pension contributions will be made. You’ll have control over how much you pay in, how your pension savings are invested, and how you take benefits from your pension account. In addition to your payments, money will be paid in by Amtico, and by the Government as tax relief.

Remember that saving for later life is not just a one-off decision. Whether stopping work is far off in the future or just around the corner, you’ll need to make sure you stay on track to reach your retirement goals.


Annual Governance Statement:

Your pension savings in the DC Section are held and invested in investment funds.  Each fund is different depending on:

  • It’s aims – one fund may concentrate on growing your pension savings, while another may concentrate on protecting the value of your pension savings
  • It’s investment – some funds might choose to invest for long-term growth, while others might aim for stability over the short-term.

The Trustee of the Amtico Company Pension Scheme monitors the DC Section’s funds to ensure they are suitable for the membership.  Part of this role includes having to make available details of the on-going charges incurred by members by investing in each fund.  This information is published in an Annual Governance Statement, which also includes information about the Trustee’s governance activities over the year.  In addition, to demonstrate the impact that the on-going charges may have on a members pension savings over time, the Statement this year includes a number of illustrations based on some example scenarios. The Trustee has produced these illustrations in line with September 2018 guidance from the Department for Work & Pensions.


The Statement of Investment Principles:

The Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) is a document that sets out the principles governing how decisions about the investments held through the Amtico Company Pension Scheme must be made.  The Trustee reviews and updates the SIP periodically to ensure that the information provided within it is correct and complies with the most recent Regulations and a recent update to the SIP was made in 2019 to take account of the Trustee’s view on Socially Responsible Investment, Corporate Governance and Voting Rights.

As there are two separate sections to the Amtico Company Pension Scheme – a DC Section and a Defined Benefit Section (DB Section) – there are two separate sections to the SIP and as some DC Section members will also have benefits in the DB Section, we are required to publish both.  You can access the SIP for each Section of the Amtico Company Pension Scheme by clicking on the links below:


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