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Amtico's British Design and Superior Commercial Flooring

Experience Crafted Excellence: Trust our ability to deliver high-quality products, innovative design, and exceptional customer service that continually sets our floors apart.

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British Expertise

British Manufacturing Expertise

For six decades, our commitment to British manufacturing expertise has remained unwavering. Since the early 1960s, we've been designing and manufacturing unique luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), right here in Coventry, UK. Throughout this remarkable journey, we've paved the way to better spaces for both our retail and commercial customers in over 130 countries. Although we've expanded globally, we have remained true to our British values, emphasising design, craftsmanship, and profound care for our products and services.

Our designs are just one part of our flooring's journey. We use advanced production methods to create high-quality floors, subjecting each one to 57 product assurance tests before it leaves our facility. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our extensive Commercial warranties of up to 20 years. Our experience is built into every layer, ensuring long-lasting quality and performance.

Unrivalled Choice

Choice with us, is never an issue. Our extensive collection of luxury flooring gives you the chance to expand your horizons. Our flooring options are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to our beautiful laying patterns, stylish borders, and intricate motifs.

We’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with a range of Designers' Choice options. Our in-house designers have carefully curated these options to inspire your creativity, whether you're looking for a classic investment or want to explore the vibrant world of colours and patterns. With our flooring solutions, you can create an atmosphere that resonates with your vision and leaves a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Unrivalled choice
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Exceptional Quality That Sets Us Apart

Amtico employs a state-of-the-art layering system that stands at the forefront of industry technology. Our globally acclaimed Multiple Performance System ensures not only underfoot comfort but also exceptional durability, and superior resistance to scuffs and marks. The Quantum Guard Elite urethane layer, a hallmark of our product, offers unparalleled protection against the rigors of daily wear and tear, all the while preserving a high-end appearance and finish. Our floors are purposefully designed for seamless performance, making them effortlessly easy to clean and maintain, catering to the specific needs of the commercial sector.

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