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Amtico Entryway Collection

Amtico Entryway offers hardworking functionality and understated style for busy lobbies and entrances. Choose from five designs in a choice of colourways to complement and protect your Amtico flooring.

Amtico Entryway in office entrance hall

Your floor’s first line of defence.

Amtico Entryway is tough, resilient and protective entrance matting featuring reinforced scraper fibres to remove grit and moisture.

Holds debris

Scraper fibres can hold 2.5 times more sandy debris than its normal weight: 3.25kg per square metre.

Holds water

It can also capture 3 times more moisture than its normal weight: 3.2 - 3.6kg.

Perfect for hard-working commercial environments

Our commitment to quality, resilience and durability

Contributes to safety & hygiene

Entrance matting is designed to offer hardworking functionality and understated style. It has a tough and resilient barrier, protecting the surrounding floor by trapping and removing excess dirt and moisture from visitors’ shoes at the door. Not only does this safeguard the aesthetics of the floor further inside, it also plays a critical role in terms of safety and helping to reduce slips and trips – one of the most common forms of workplace accidents.

Leave a lasting first impression.

Featured Products

Ruffian Tan Tetons, EERF008404}

Ruffian Tan Tetons

Recoarse Bypass Black, EERC001518}

Recoarse Bypass Black

Recoarse Traverse Tan, EERC008413}

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Inertia Kinetic, EEIN011360}

Inertia Kinetic

Inertia Static, EEIN034365}

Inertia Static

Force Slide, EEFR034368}

Force Slide

Force Vector, EEFR014362}

Force Vector

Force Kinetic, EEFR011360}

Force Kinetic

Charge Slide, EECH034368}

Charge Slide

Charge Static, EECH034365}

Charge Static

Charge Vector, EECH014362}

Charge Vector

Charge Kinetic, EECH011360}

Charge Kinetic

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