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As Seen in: Facilities Management Journal

Redesigning the office environment is no easy feat, and facilities managers now face a complicated array of considerations. Creating a clean and safe space is always the priority, but it also has to be welcoming and have an inviting feel.

Paul Rogers, Technical Services Manager at Amtico, discusses the role flooring plays in helping keep buildings clean and safe, while improving the overall look and feel of a space.

​First steps

The first few steps people take into any building are critical to the performance of the flooring. This is because there is a tendency for people to instinctively wipe their feet before stepping onto the floor when entering a premises. That’s where entrance matting can help keep the building clean, while also enhance the aesthetics and practicality of the flooring.

Entrance matting is designed to offer hardworking functionality and understated style. It has a tough and resilient barrier, protecting the surrounding floor by trapping excess dirt and moisture at the door. Not only does this safeguard the aesthetics, it also plays a critical role in terms of safety and helping to reduce slips and trips.

Entryway Recoarse Bypass Black. Shown with Amtico Access LVT Winter Oak.

Entryway Ruffian Tan Tetons. Shown with Amtico Access LVT Ceramic Flint.

Sound & Comfort

In open-plan workspaces, sound disruption is arguably a pressing issue for occupants, indeed, facilities managers might consider flooring options that offer enhanced sound reduction benefits and contribute to a peaceful and productive environment.

At Amtico, we understand the need to reduce noise without compromising design aesthetics, so we developed Amtico Acoustic, an enhanced 1mm PVC foam backing layer that works across standard planks and tiles in our Signature, Form and Spacia collections. It enhances the LVT to reduce sound transmission by up to 19dB between floors.

A. Quantum Guard Elite

Amtico’s patented urethane formula provides superior durability and resistance against abrasions and stains. The reinforced low gloss finish is highly realistic.

B. Superior 1mm wear layer

Toughened upper layer, giving excellent impact resistance and high clarity, allowing the product designs to shine through.

C. Design layers

High resolution print layers over deeply coloured base layers create the distinctive Wood, Stone and Abstract designs that set Amtico apart.

D. Backing layers

The foundation of the product, providing long lasting stability. Contains up to 30% recycled pre-consumer content.

E. Acoustic backing layer (optional)

Reduces the impact sound by up to 19dB and provides an extra level of comfort underfoot.

*Diagram shown is from Signature 1.0mm wear layer LVT.

Antimicrobial Technology

The process of changing flooring can give a space a new lease of life, but the latest developments in floor coverings can also help with the control of bacteria. For instance, Amtico’s Safety flooring and Form LVT collections encompass antimicrobial technology. It's scientifically proven to resist the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and fungus between cleaning schedules. This built-in hygienic protection has clear benefits, not least of all improved wellbeing for a commercial building’s occupants, but also the additional ability to improve a building’s hygiene levels.


Feature: From the Floor Up

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