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Concrete LVT floor designs: Urban, modern and functional

Concrete, the most practical material of modern times?

As designers and engineers this is reason enough to obsess over how to capture the essence of this structural material.

The scale and proportion of a poured concrete floor are on many designers’ wish lists for a warehouse conversion or modern office, but the reality of executing such a finish is often incredibly tricky.

The seating area features Plaza Concrete - in a Uniform Block Laying Pattern.

Practical solutions for architects and designers

We spoke to our customers, the Architects and Designers who work day-in day-out with materials and building specifications, and realised there was a trend for concrete designs within the Spacia collection. Amtico Spacia features a selection of Concrete designs among the new products added to the collection last year.

Before going over the details, it’s worth considering the origins of concrete. Utilized by the Romans, it’s relevance is in its continued use today. Part of our urban landscape, it acts as a backdrop to modern work and leisure spaces. Harnessing these qualities was the challenge.

The breakout area features Gallery Concrete with Concrete Pale stripping - laid in a Uniform Tile.

The floor features Monument Concrete with Stria Volcanic stripping - in a Fieldstone laying pattern.

Ancient origin, modern execution

Inspired by the sensorial design of multi-functional interiors softened by furnishings and accentuated with block colour, we’ve created a contemporary concrete design for large spaces.

We’ve added an extra large 24x36” tile in the Spacia collection, especially for Gallery Concrete, making it possible to install LVT over wide commercial spaces in a concrete aesthetic.

Six colourways in varied sizes

A floor design that’s almost seamless, large-scale and in proportion for broad footprint buildings. Because it’s LVT, it is lightweight on the subfloor, without the extended pouring and setting installation time of concrete, or the tricky cutting of large ceramic tiles. There is no risk of floor marking, drips or cracks.

In Summary: Spacia is simple, straightforward and elegant.

The colourways are designed to suit spaces from retail to hospitality, healthcare to public spaces, opportunities are endless. The concrete-inspired products can be specified in a selection of plank and tile sizes. For more information on this, contact your nearest Sales representative.

Concrete LVT Products

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