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From sketch to scheme with Amtico's Room Visualiser

Exploring our wide variety of products and patterns has never been easier with Amtico’s Room Visualiser. With the new ‘upload a photo’ functionality, users are now able to digitally explore and trial different flooring schemes in their own space. Whether your project is driven by colour, pattern or product specification, the visualiser allows you to cleverly experiment with products suited to your requirements, in your space.

Upload a sketch

If your space is in the design or build phase, you can upload drawings, sketches or 3D renderings into the visualiser. To upload, simply choose the ‘Upload Photo’ option on the left-hand navigation in the visualiser, and select a sketch or drawing from your computer.

It’s helpful to have the floor area of the sketch as clear as possible to help the platform identify where your floor is. The visualiser will pick up a blank or patterned floor, but a uniform colour will provide the most accurate results.

Upload a photograph

If your project is further down the line, you can also upload a photograph of your space into the visualiser – just follow the same steps you would with a sketch. For best results, capture an image of your room with as much clear floor space as possible.

Download and share your designs

You can print, download and share your designs directly through the software’s support function, simply choose ‘CAD Service’ on the right-hand navigation.

The room visualiser allows you to download JPEG files of your design in a room or overhead view, or alternatively download a file type to work with a CAD programme (.3sd, .dae and .obj).

Explore our room visualiser

Realise your floor ideas with our Room Visualiser. Explore spaces, patterns and products using our simple to use flooring editor.

Speak with the experts

If you’re after more bespoke support, our team of experts are here to support you – we can help with everything, from bespoke designs and design boards, technical support and CAD plans through to logos, colours and custom schemes.