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Hospitality and Leisure: A space for everyone

Brexit, climate change, financial growth, digitalisation, health… this list only scratches the surface of issues occupying our newsfeeds. In our daily lives, every decision can be fraught with moral or financial implications. In contrast, the Hospitality and Leisure (H+L) industry offers an alternative universe, where the key word is “connection”, not “commodity”.

Iris Ceramica Showroom, Milan

Connecting with others

The instant accessibility of the online world is a phenomenon that will continue to dominate the 21st Century. Connections are created at the touch of a button and "behind the scenes" content generates a feeling of belonging to an inner circle as we are granted a glimpse into the daily lives of those around us. But our desire to share is stretching beyond the limitations of day-to-day life, as we seek unique experiences that will generate reactions from our global followers. In their 2020 H+L report, PWC states that "The industry is increasingly engaging with digitally active consumers who expect to be able to interact with brands on a personalised, multichannel basis and who are harnessing social media and mobile technology at an ever faster rate.1"

Originality is key as establishments compete to offer unique and memorable experiences

In order to satisfy this desire, the H+L industry is tapping into this visually stimulating market, creating alluring spaces that entice experience-seeking consumers through the use of bold and immersive colour combinations. Originality is key as establishments compete to offer unique and memorable experiences, inspiring unusual combinations of finishes and materials.

Businesses are also homing in on a diverse range of spaces, offering professionals alternative working environments where they have the opportunity to build new relationships and meet like-minded people. The distinction between work and leisure become blurred as areas such as co-working booths and productivity tables become a common feature in hotels and cafes. Materials must be considered and multifunctional, creating comfortable spaces enabling productivity during the day, whilst effortlessly transforming into sophisticated lounges by night, where workers can relax and unwind over a drink, giving rise to the term; "workspitality2".

Pedrali, Salone De Mobile, 2019

Talenti Garden, Milan

Connecting with the world around us

Despite this planet becoming increasingly fragile, it still has the ability to inspire a sense of wonder and freedom. Holistic environments are emerging in the H+L industry, which encourage us to step away from man’s all-too-often negative influence on the world and connect instead with the simplicity of nature, cleansing our crowded minds and refreshing our senses.

"Wellness is the next trillion dollar industry" according to the International WELL Building Institute3, a company that offers building accreditations to "interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness." H+L environments will capture this ethos by striving to create immersive, restorative, biophilic experiences.

Clean lines and simple forms are pleasing to the eye and create a calming effect

Natural materials like wood, stone, marble and foliage tap into our primal origins, refocusing our minds on the essentials; the things which really matter. Clean lines and simple forms are pleasing to the eye and create a calming effect, offering a release from the visual bombardment of daily life. Tactility is also a key consideration as combinations of materials are installed to generate emotions and a physical connection to a space. A meditative atmosphere and the immersive biophilic experience will promise to leave visitors in these H+L environments feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Budri Showroom, Milan

Connecting with time

As we move into a new decade, there will be an opportunity to reflect on events that have defined the 21st Century so far. History generates a sense of belonging, an understanding of where we’ve come from but more importantly an indication of where we’re going. H+L environments that encompass influences from past, present and future will therefore generate a sense of kinship as people gain an enhanced perspective on their heritage. According to Stylus magazine, the visual diversity of these spaces will also "appeal to multifaceted consumers by celebrating global design narratives4".

Exposed structural elements convey a sense of honesty and openness, celebrating the functional features of a space, whilst original features will be treated as precious ornaments to be celebrated and protected. The H+L industry will embrace surfaces that are raw and unapologetic, offering an opportunity for people to engage with the alluring and tactile finishes. The fluidity of time is represented by unusual shapes and broken lines. However, the key focus of these spaces will be balance; opposing influences from different eras will come together in a harmonious way, unified by simplistic, familiar colour palettes of aged pastels and earthy hues.

For us at Amtico, the H+L industry is fascinating as it generates the opportunity to reflect on our inner self and address our needs; to create spaces based on dreams and desires, rather than commodities.

Understanding the individual is therefore critical for this industry, as success is ultimately built on customer satisfaction.

Concrete-inspired Modernist products work in striking harmony with Polygon Key Chain to flood this open bar lobby

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