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Transforming Spaces with Loose Lay Flooring

We are often asked to show how our flooring “works”. For Amtico, this is not only how it’s designed and made but perhaps more importantly, how our floor improves a space.

Shoreditch Grey, SX5S3081 - in a Uniform laying pattern, from the Amtico Access collection.

Of course, colour and texture adds structure to interior architecture – walls, floors and ceilings should always be cohesive, and lit well. But this is more than that. It’s about how the installation, maintenance and performance of the floor suits its setting.

Brindle Oak, SX5W2657 - in a Stripwood laying pattern, from the Amtico Access collection.

Bay, SB5S2792 - in a Broken Bond laying pattern, from the Amtico Click Smart collection.

Easy to install and reconfigure

Loose lay flooring is worth considering when time is short on a project. If you want installation that is fast and doesn’t interfere with trading or office hours, it works – the lack of adhesive means it’s ready to go when you are.

Amtico Access has been designed to be easily laid, lifted and refitted with minimal fuss – perfect for environments like offices where there may be a need to reach raised access flooring, or reconfiguring areas as part of refurbishment projects. Using a tackifier is recommended to help keep the floor in place in busy areas.

A sound solution for multi-occupancy spaces

For projects like student accommodation or rental apartments, a click vinyl product can be a simple solution for achieving that homely aesthetic while providing the necessary acoustic performance demanded by building regulations.

Sometimes conditions also dictate that a glue down flooring solution isn’t feasible. Amtico Click Smart LVT can help in areas where the subfloor would otherwise need additional attention.​

Loose Lay flooring can be cut to define spaces like these seating areas, even with a quick installation schedule. Products used are: Amtico Access Winter Oak and Ceramic Ecru.

Planning for an integrated space?

When you have a space that should adapt to activity areas, Amtico Access will also fit seamlessly alongside Amtico Entryway. Integrating a fibre-based product with a resilient hard floor is straightforward because their depths are similar here’s no need for threshold stripping.

To find out more about Amtico Access working with Amtico Entryway, contact your Amtico representative.

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