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Making Parquetry Modern using LVT

Here at Amtico it’s safe to say we’re mildly obsessed with pattern. Particularly the kind that has history or a story to tell.

Victorian Star York, DC473 - from the Amtico Dé​cor collection.

Whether it’s evoking a sense of grandeur associated with traditional hardwood Parquetry, or creating contemporary schemes through complex colours and contrasting grains, Amtico LVT is perfect if you're looking for a stand-out design without the installation and maintenance challenges of natural wood flooring.

What is Parquetry?

Parquetry: The word derives from the Old French “parchet” meaning "a small, enclosed space".

Parquetry refers to a geometric mosaic of carved pieces that were used for ornament in flooring. These intricate designs are made of symmetrical shapes and patterns such as squares and triangles, for a decorative effect.

What’s intriguing about geometric flooring patterns, and particularly useful from a design perspective, is how colour, shape, tone and material influence how the pattern works, creating a wealth of design opportunities. It’s no wonder that this kind of pattern continues to hold appeal.

Below, we’ve picked our top five Parquetry-inspired designs…

Palazzo, DC323 - laid in French Weave, from the Designers' Choice collection.

Dockland Oak, AR0W8350 - laid in a bespoke design.

Versailles Oak, AR0W8460 - laid in Castel Weave, from the Designers' Choice collection.

Limerick, DC101 - laid in Basket Weave, from the Designers' Choice collection.

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