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Project: Amtico Offices, UK

To celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary and six decades at the forefront of LVT flooring, Amtico has refurbished its Coventry HQ and Solihull offices with spectacular new floors that blend classic and bespoke designs with popular and on-trend colours, to showcase Amtico’s creativity, durability and versatility.

Bespoke Design featuring Onyx Marble and Polished Gold Stripping

Showstopping, large scale bespoke designs flood the space in our Coventry HQ, mixing contemporary and colour pops in with traditional wood and stone, whilst our Solihull offices features metallic finishes and seamlessly, blended design for inviting workspaces.

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Coventry & Solihull, UK

Amtico Signature, Designers’ Choice & Entryway


Laying Patterns:
Bespoke, Halycon Pleat, Large Parquet, Chevron, Broken Bond, Gable Parquet Large and Gatsby Square Large

Coventry HQ

Our Coventry HQ entrance greets our guests with a bespoke diamond-inspired polygon motif and pattern, created by our design team to highlight the company’s diamond anniversary.

This large-scale bespoke flooring showcases our teams’ creativity as well as the versatility of our LVT. The complexity of this design demonstrates our precision cutting abilities.

The bespoke design transforms as you walk through the building into a colourful Halcyon Pleat laying pattern featuring Buxton Oak and a variety of shades from Colour Edit. Onyx Marble continues throughout the design and a Polished Gold Stripping features as a border helping to incorporate the entrance design throughout.

The workspace features Halcyon Pleat in Buxton Oak, Onyx Marble, and a range of Colour Edit products.

The designers continued the pops of colour on the stairs, paired with Tollymore Oak and Onyx Marble, beautifully blending the mix of LVT and showcasing the possibilities of Amtico flooring.

Stairs feature Tollymore Oak with Colour Edit risers and gold edging, rising from an Onyx Marble and Gold Stripping field.

Solihull Offices

Over at the Solihull offices, the entrance design pays tribute to our long manufacturing heritage with metallic finishes and an industrial feel.

The entrance features Grey Burnished Metal laid in Large Parquet, with Polished Copper Stripping and Amtico Entryway.

Grey Burnished Metal in Large Parquet with Polished Copper Stripping.

The adjoining corridor features the fresh tones of Hackfall Oak laid in the Chevron laying pattern and extends into the office space on the ground floor.

Grey Burnished Metal continues up the stairs to the first floor, where Russet Burnished Metal is laid in Broken Bond.

The lower floor offices feature Hackfall Oak in a Chevron laying pattern.

The metallic look continues to the upper floor, where Russet Burnished Metal is featured in Broken Bond.

The workspace upstairs features a captivating blend of Wood and Stone laying patterns that reveal the flexibility and creativity that can be achieved with the Signature collection.

Staff are welcomed to a stunning design of Hackfall Oak in Gable Parquet Large, which beautifully blends into Gatsby Square Large in Onyx Marble and Grigio Classic Marble.

As part of our sustainability journey, all of the floors were specified with Amtico Bio.

Featured Products

Onyx Marble, AR0SOM30}
AR0SOM30Amtico Signature

Onyx Marble

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Tollymore Oak, AR0W8760}
AR0W8760Amtico Signature

Tollymore Oak

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Buxton Oak, AR0W8660}
AR0W8660Amtico Signature

Buxton Oak

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Hackfall Oak, AR0W8790}
AR0W8790Amtico Signature

Hackfall Oak

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Grey Burnished Metal, AR0ARH13}
AR0ARH13Amtico Signature

Grey Burnished Metal

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Grigio Classic Marble, AR0SCA37}
AR0SCA37Amtico Signature

Grigio Classic Marble

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Diffusion Malt, AR0ADF44}
AR0ADF44Amtico Signature

Diffusion Malt

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Stucco Clay, AR0AUC47}
AR0AUC47Amtico Signature

Stucco Clay

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Encaustic Jasper, AR0AEN45}
AR0AEN45Amtico Signature

Encaustic Jasper

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Russet Burnished Metal, AR0ARH44}
AR0ARH44Amtico Signature

Russet Burnished Metal

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Encaustic Okra, AR0AEN18}
AR0AEN18Amtico Signature

Encaustic Okra

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Diffusion Aloe, AR0ADF88}
AR0ADF88Amtico Signature

Diffusion Aloe

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