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Project: Clothworkers, University of Leeds

When the School of Design at the University of Leeds set about refurbishing its Clothworkers’ South Building, it chose the Amtico Signature collection – the vibrant colours and laying patterns proved the ideal way to refresh the building’s entrance and stairwell.

Colour-coded floor levels were introduced over the four storeys to help users navigate the building.

Clothworkers’ South Building, Leeds

Amtico Signature


Laying Pattern:
Bespoke Design

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An impactful entrance

The flooring had not been updated in over 60 years, and as it was starting to crack and show its age, architects Farrell & Clark were brought in and tasked with a refurbishment. The brief was to revitalise circulation in the area, improve disabled access, and also signal to visitors that they were entering a vibrant space of creativity.

Promoting wayfinding

It was felt that the original layout was confusing to people unfamiliar with the building trying to find their way around, so colour-coded floor levels were introduced over the four storeys. Each stair riser was given the tone of the approaching floor level, for example fuchsia-hued Marrakech rises to orange Sevilla – while the half landings blended the colours.

Bespoke colours mixed in with Signature products Marrakech and White Wash Wood.

Dublin & White Wash Wood - from Amtico Signature collection.

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"The stairwell was dark and bland, and the client wanted to introduce visitors to the School of Design by demonstrating its creativity as soon as they came through the entrance. The multiple colours and laying patterns of the Signature collection, as well as the fact that the wear layer is greater than in other products on the market, all led to Amtico being chosen."

Ian Whalley
Farrell & Clark Architects

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