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Project: Laufsteg, Germany

Popular German fashion store Laufsteg has transformed its interiors using Amtico Signature.

The ground floor of the sales area features a bespoke Polygon Key Mini. Photography: Adrian Beck Photography.

Laufsteg, Germany

Amtico Signature


Laying Pattern:
Key Stone Small & Polygon Key Mini

Extended over two floors, the new store opted for two Amtico Signature laying patterns: Key Stone Small and Polygon Key Mini. This impressive floor design combines different tones over the 500sqm space to create a luxurious look and feel. Boasting around 500sqm, the impressive floor design combines different tones from the Signature collection and comes with a 1mm wear layer, offering its customers a 20-year commercial warranty.

As soon as you enter the spacious entrance area, the geometric laying pattern of Polygon Key Mini attracts everyone's attention. The bespoke colourway adorns the middle sales area on the ground floor. From here, the small-format polygons merge into the rear area, where they visually demarcate the lateral sales areas. In this predefined design, two cool, neutral stone tones meet the warmth of terracotta to create an exciting, modern look.

A modern look was created with cool, neutral tones combined with the warm terracotta for an impactful design. Photography: Adrian Beck Photography.

A unique floor design was also created on the upper floor, which is integrated into the room concept and offers the high-priced designer pieces a first-class backdrop. With the help of Signature's endless possibilities, the Key Stone Small laying pattern was given a bespoke look by opting for Tempus Soothe within the main surface area accompanied by Stucco Pebble to match the Polygon Key Mini. Cool, calm, almost soothing, Tempus is an architectural material that is perfect choice for larger commercial spaces.

The upstairs sales area features Key Stone Small from the Designers' Choice collection. Photography: Adrian Beck Photography.

Tempus Soothe and Stucco Pebble create a cool and calming look for the space. Photography: Adrian Beck Photography.

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