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Project: Royal Albert Hall, London

The glamorous North Bar can be found on the third floor of the world-famous Royal Albert Hall. This light, open and spacious venue offers stunning views over the Albert Memorial – a backdrop that also provided the inspiration for the Amtico flooring design.

Amtico Signature beautifully echoes the stone pattern around the Albert Memorial with a bespoke laying pattern.

London, UK

Amtico Signature

Hospitality & Leisure

Laying Pattern:
Bespoke Design

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The renovation of the 100m2 floor area needed to make impact and create an eye-catching feature so a bespoke pattern was designed by Softroom. It laid over the top of the original flooring to preserve it and protect from damage.

Focusing on the epicentre of the room below a large chandelier, the new Amtico design promotes stunning views through the windows to the Albert Memorial.

Four coloured triangular tiles were created for an intricate laying pattern. The stunning effect was achieved by combining the blue violet hues of Kura Cassia, blue grey tones of Mirabelle Bleu, charcoal shades of Stria Volcanic and the neutral base of Basilica Salt, all from Amtico's Signature Collection.

Intricate triangular laying pattern.

Bespoke laying pattern created with Amtico Signature.


Bold and creative, the bespoke flooring pattern used in the North Bar was tailored to the project’s individual requirements and the clever referencing of the room’s views of the Albert Memorial. The intricate arrangement was mastered by utilising Amtico’s advanced cutting capabilities, which turned a stunning vision into reality.

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''We had a very clear vision for the flooring in the North Bar, which required a broad colour range for a detailed, bespoke design. Amtico were very open to our ideas and incredibly accommodating throughout the process, ensuring the design would work in the best way possible.''

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