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Specifying LVT over Stone

When you opt for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) as a way to achieve the look of natural stone, the effect will be beautiful and you’ll be specifying a floor that’s quicker and easier to install and has the durability demanded of a commercial interior.

What LVT brings to a space

LVT is practical, versatile and easy to look after – ideal for busy environments. But what’s just as important for commercial projects is that LVT offers design flexibility that’s wide-ranging and innovative. With Amtico LVT, you can be confident of delivering your design vision, too. More than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience have gone into creating a printed aesthetic layer of such high quality and detail that it truly emulates the mineral qualities of stones.

Monument Concrete laid in a Fieldstone Laying Pattern with Stria Volcanic stripping.

Gallery Concrete laid in a Uniform Tile Laying Pattern.

Realistic design with shorter lead time

Stone flooring has natural beauty and there are so many types to choose from, each unique in appearance. The most usable LVT Stones will be highly authentic, detailed or innovative, and offer variety through tones and finishes that represent the unique patterns and movement seen with this natural material.

Our concrete-effect XL tiles (24” x 36” / 609.6mm x 914.4mm) in Amtico Spacia achieve the modern industrial look of concrete without the cost and preparation/drying challenges faced when creating a floor using natural materials. Spacia is stocked in the UK and ready to order, giving you fast lead times for a versatile product that can be laid quickly and used immediately.

Onyx Marble from the Amtico Signature collection.

Marble is another desirable finish that can be achieved with LVT. Our Marble design in Amtico Signature has realistic veining and delicate tones, giving the desired impression while being lighter weight and easier to cut and maintain than marble. When working to tight project timescales, specifying marble can be problematic because of issues with availability. Opting for an LVT alternative can take away that potential challenge.

More variety in size and pattern

LVT Stone comes in many size options and can be cut in infinite ways to create bespoke flooring designs. Amtico’s Designers’ Choice is an extended range of more than 100 predefined floors, crafted to reflect the refined beauty of our natural-looking Signature products and provided cut, boxed and ready to install. And it’s simple to personalise these laying patterns, too, by combining LVT Stones with Woods and Abstracts for a creative design.

Schuhhaus Werdich, Augsburg, Germany, using Stria Basalt with Stria Volcanic Stripping.

Dental Practice Dr Ripka & Kollegan, Stuttgart, Germany, using Ceramic Flint.

High performing and durable

A Multiple Performance System is what gives Amtico LVT its performance characteristics. It’s protected by our Quantum Guard Elite urethane top layer – the most durable urethane available. Compared with stone, LVT provides excellent impact resistance for withstanding the shock of a heavy dropped object with far lower risk of cracking or chipping. Although stone tiles are known for their hardness, they are also brittle. Once damaged, they can be difficult and costly to replace, whereas LVT is quicker and easier to lift and re-install, if necessary, to ensure commercial flooring retains a high-quality and professional appearance.

Straightforward to clean and maintain

Certain stones can be porous, making them susceptible to marking and staining, particularly in wet environments. General maintenance can include sealing, but it will depend on the type of material – so this needs to be considered with a natural stone floor, as does cleaning and maintaining the grout.

Amtico LVT is built to last and a hygienic choice for workspaces. A straightforward cleaning and care routine is all that’s needed to retain its looks: sweep often and damp mop occasionally, using a neutral floor cleaner like Amtico Floorcare Maintainer.

Discover our Stone LVT

For more inspiring Stones see our latest projects, or explore the design options of our Signature, Spacia and Form LVT Stone.

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