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Amtico Acoustic

Commercial interior design needs to work beautifully. Amtico Acoustic can help to transform great looking places into great sounding spaces.

Amtico Signature Acoustic Versailles Oak

What silence looks like

Sound Transmission

Reduce noise by up to 19dB

Reduce Fatigue

Increased comfort underfoot

Design Freedom

Works with Signature, Form and Spacia collections

Deliver More

Specify as an optional extra to enhance acoustic performance

The importance of acoustics

Building acoustics can have a significant impact on the users of a space, from simply ensuring effective and audible communication, right through to longer term effects on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Productive meetings

Noise levels are one of the biggest complaints in an office environment. Amtico Acoustic flooring will reduce sound transmission between floors without affecting the aesthetic.

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Comfort that can heal

As flooring specialists, we support specifiers and designers in following the principles of healing architecture. Amtico Acoustic products are certified for use in healthcare – meeting VOC requirements for wellbeing and air quality globally.

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Effective lessons

Acoustic flooring is used in schools to minimise the transfer of sound from other classrooms, corridors and assembly halls. In an environment where a low ambient noise is imperative to help good learning, an acoustic floor can help sound transmission of up to 19dB.

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Sleep soundly

Multi-floor and multi-occupancy facilities such as student accommodation or residential dwellings have particular requirements when it comes to the regulation of noise pollution, to ensure the needs of the facility are met.

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How it works

Amtico Acoustic enhances the acoustic properties of LVT by reducing sound transmission by up to 19dB and also provides an extra level of underfoot comfort.

Measuring acoustics

There are three types of acoustic figures commonly quoted on the European technical data sheets - 'In-room Walking Sound', 'Impact Sound Insulation' and 'Sound Absorption'.

In-room Walking Sound

This acoustic laboratory test tries to give an indication of how noisy floors are, relative to each other.

EN 16205:2013 produces two figures - walking noise level (L n.walking.A) which is measured in dB alongside radiated walking sound (RWS) which is measured in sone.

Impact Sound Insulation

Impact sound denotes the sound that is generated when an object strikes the floor and passes into the room below.

Results are quoted as ΔLw in decibels – the higher the figure the less noise transmitted through the floor to the room below, as more of the noise is absorbed.


All materials will absorb airbone sound to an extent. It's possible to measure this in an acoustic laboratory with a measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room.

Sound absorption data is reported as a sound absorption coefficient and usually expressed by the symbol αw. A material that absorbs 100% of the sound is represented as αw 1 whereas a material that absorbs 0% of the sound is represented as αw 0.

Increase your design choices and lower the sound

With Amtico Acoustic, you don’t compromise design for performance. The endless range of palettes and patterns including Parquet work in harmony with state-of-the-art sound reduction technology. So everyone benefits from a better acoustic experience.

Transform your space in style. Collections with Acoustic

Explore our beautiful range of collections available with Amtico Acoustic.


Amtico Spacia

Combines creative expression with a straightforward solution. With acoustic backing to reduce sound transmission by up to 18dB for more demanding spaces.

Amtico Spacia

Amtico Form

A collection of rich, rustic textures, designed for long-term use. Add acoustic backing to reduce sound transmission between floors by up to 19dB.

Amtico Form

Amtico Signature

Our premium collection of design-led floor patterns & textures. Our acoustic backing enhances the acoustic properties of Signature LV, reducing sound transmission by up to 18dB.

Amtico Signature

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