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Akari Lattice

Rich wood-effect small floor planks in a lattice pattern next to concrete-effect floor tiles

Rich with heritage

Inspired by the detailed fretwork of a John Linnell chinoiserie cabinet found in National Trust property Kedleston Hall, Akari Lattice is a delicate pattern that highlights the tonal features of four Signature woodgrains, across these small and large patterns.

Akari Lattice Small

Trevellas Oak's beautiful simple grain is emphasised in this intricate pattern.

Sandy-coloured small wood-effect floor planks in a lattice pattern

Akari Lattice Large

Tay Oak's colour variation is maximised by the directional qualities within this pattern, flooding your space with warm tones.

Akari Lattice Large

A beautiful combination of a characterful wood and a pattern that feels rich with heritage, directly inspired by a Chinoiserie cabinet found in Kedleston Hall.

Sandy-coloured wood-effect floor planks in a lattice pattern

Akari Lattice Small

Tay Oak's sumptuous chocolate tones and gentle grain is reminiscent of the opulent furniture pieces at Kedleston Hall.

Rich, dark, small wood-effect floor planks in a lattice pattern

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