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Amtico's CPD programme

The Amtico CPD programme is designed to inspire and educate specifiers, using the unrivalled knowledge, expert support and bespoke service you'd expect from a market leader with over 50 years experience. 


We currently offer a range of CPD courses, which are listed below. To book please speak to your Amtico specialist, alternatively call the team on +44 (0) 121 74 0800 or email [email protected]

Specifying luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)
in commercial environments

This RIBA Accredited CPD will focus on how to specific LVT within a commercial space and the benefits of using LVT.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Why LVT? The properties and benefits of a multi-performance system
  • Why LVT is suitable for commercial specification
  • Technical benefits of LVT (vs other types of flooring)
  • How to install LVT
  • LVT maintenance

Creating a design space using LVT

This RIBA Accredited CPD will show how different designs can be created by exploring the wealth of laying patterns available, as well as the impact of zoning, and how to incorporate use of LVT into commercial schemes. Referencing product specification, appearance, and specific considerations such as sustainability and performance, it also covers how LVT can be a practical, problem-solving solution.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Features & benefits of LVT
  • How to use laying patterns
  • How to create bespoke designs
  • How to use zoning
  • Design considerations

Acoustic LVT flooring for shared spaces

This RIBA Accredited CPD focuses on the topic of acoustic flooring for shared spaces including student accommodation, office buildings, education, hotels, retirement villages, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, retail and housing. Through this CPD you will learn about the features of acoustic LVT flooring and the related design and specification considerations.


Key learning outcomes:

  • The importance of acoustic design in architecture for health and wellbeing
  • Why acoustic LVT flooring is the optimum choice in multi-occupancy properties and product options
  • Acoustic standards and what they measure
  • Installation key points
  • Specification considerations

Designing for Dementia

This CPD will focus on the key factors to consider when specifying and designing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring for use with people with dementia.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Continuous flooring surface.
  • Differentiating between flooring and critical surfaces.
  • Acoustics – reducing impact sound.
  • Avoiding sensory overload.
  • Health & Safety credentials.

Preventing slips, trips and falls

This CPD will focus on how design and performance can be combined using safety LVT. On average, slips and trips cause over a third of all major accidents – specifying the correct flooring can help to reduce this, and give peace of mind for specifiers, installers, clients and end users alike.


Key learning outcomes:

  • The difference between standard and safety floors
  • How slip resistance is tested
  • Regulations and what to look out for
  • How safety and design can go hand in hand
  • Where to use safety floors

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To book any of these courses please speak to your Amtico specialist, alternatively call the team on +44 (0) 121 74 0800 or email [email protected]