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From our latest products to our reference case studies, find inspiration for your next project with Amtico. Or explore your own ideas with our Room Visualiser.

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Project: Space 48, Manchester

Projects|Amtico Signature|Office

Project: Smeg HQ, Oxfordshire

Projects|Amtico Spacia|Retail|Office

Project: Puma House, Germany

Projects|Amtico Spacia|Office

Get the Look: Cornwall Buildings, Birmingham

Get the Look|Office|Laying Patterns

Project: Toggl, Tallin

Projects|Amtico Signature|Office|Laying Patterns|Bespoke

Get the Look: Association Jean Cotxet, France

Get the Look|Amtico Signature|Office|Bespoke

Project: Oktra, London

Projects|Amtico Signature|Amtico Spacia|Office|Bespoke

Specifying LVT over Stone

Hospitality & Leisure|Office|Ask the expert

Project: AWR Properties, Dubai

Projects|Office|Amtico Access|Loose Lay Flooring

Hospitality and Leisure: A space for everyone

Hospitality & Leisure|Office|Retail

Flooring features and fields: observations on floor design from Amtico

Hospitality & Leisure|Office|Integrated Design|Laying Patterns

Project: Gateway Building, Sydney

Projects|Amtico Signature|Office|Laying Patterns|Bespoke

PCA Predict

Projects|Office|Amtico Access|Loose Lay Flooring

Media Brands

Projects|Office|Amtico Access|Loose Lay Flooring