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Acoustic performance with no compromise on style

Amtico Acoustic introduces a high performance sound reduction backing that works across standard tiles and planks in our Signature and Spacia collections.

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It enhances the acoustic properties of LVT by reducing sound transmission by up to 18 dB and also provides an extra level of comfort underfoot. Amtico Acoustic brings another layer of performance and versatility to the design quality and durability you expect from Amtico.

How It Works

Amtico Acoustic enhances the acoustic properties of LVT by reducing sound transmission by up to 18db and also provides an extra level of underfoot comfort

A. Quantum Guard Elite
Amtico’s patented urethane formula provides superior durability and resistance against abrasions and stains. The reinforced low gloss finish is highly realistic.

B. Superior 1mm wear layer (0.55mm Spacia)
Toughened upper layer, giving excellent impact resistance and high clarity, allowing the product designs to shine through.

C. Design layers
High resolution print layers over deeply coloured base layers create the distinctive Wood, Stone and Abstract designs that set Amtico apart.

D. Backing layers
The foundation of the product which provides long lasting stability. Contains up to 30% recycled pre-consumer content.

E. Acoustic backing layer
This is a visco elastic polymer based closed cell foam structure offering sound reduction of 18db and residual indentation of <0.20mm. Our acoustic layer is made to the same exacting standards that define all the products in our LVT range.

Key Attributes

Sound Reduction

The closed cell 1mm foam layer reduces sound transmission by up to 18 dB.

Low Fatigue

The closed cell foam structure can help increase comfort and reduce fatigue in high traffic areas.

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Acoustic samples use a standard product from the Signature collection. Design selection should be made by ordering the required products from the Signature or Spacia collections. One Acoustic sample per order.

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