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Spacia 36+
LVT Collection

Made for any commercial space where safety is paramount, Spacia 36+ LVT is made up of slip-resistant particles and antimicrobial technology, for long-lasting performance.

  • - Enhanced slip resistance for the lifetime of the product
  • - Antimicrobial protection against MRSA and E.coli
  • - Planks and tiles give enhanced design options
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A lifetime
of safety

Our unique manufacturing technique distributes slip resistant particles throughout the wear layers, ensuring consistent performance over the floor's entire lifetime but without compromising on the aesthetic.

Antimicrobial protection

Spacia 36+ contains an active ingredient which has been proven, under blind independent lab tests, to resist the growth of bacteria such as MRSA or E.coli throughout it's useable lifetime.

No compromise on design

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these realistic plank and tile designs come with a 0.55mm wear layer and Quantum Guard protection - perfect for withstanding heavy traffic areas.

Ready to meet short lead times

In-stock and ready to order, Spacia 36+ can be specified and delivered quickly to meet short lead times.

36+ and R10 performance

Slip resistant particles throughout the wear layer

Proven to resist bacteria growth

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  • Brochure
  • Installation
  • Technical Documents
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Certification
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Amtico Spacia 36+ Collection

This is safety LVT. Trend-leading Spacia LVT designs combined with slip resistant particles and antimicrobial technology.

This is Amtico Spacia 36+

Installing Amtico LVT is simple and straightforward. Download our installation guide below for more information.
To keep Amtico floors looking their best follow our simple cleaning and maintenance guidelines.
Every Amtico floor has a comprehensive warranty.
Amtico floors are built for commercial environments, meeting or exceeding sector specific regulations.

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