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Amtico partner with ResiLoop

November 2023

At Amtico, we proudly stand at the forefront as a founding partner of ResiLoop, Australia's first national stewardship scheme for resilient flooring. Joining forces with other influential suppliers, we have pledged both funding support and expertise to help redefine recycling and sustainability in the flooring sector.

ResiLoop marks a pivotal shift, focusing on cutting-edge research and development to address the pressing challenges posed by the 60,000 tonnes of flooring waste generated annually from installation and end of use in Australia. The new product scheme has been initiated by the Australian Resilient Flooring Association (ARFA) and bolstered by Australian Government funding.

With a target start date of late 2024, the ResiLoop scheme is poised to revolutionise the industry, establishing efficient recycling solutions for products such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber and hybrid tiles. LVT, such as our Amtico Signature collection, is a durable product with a commercial lifespan of around 30 years, therefore the existence of initiatives such as ResiLoop is imperative to responsibly recycle these products for decades to come.

This collaborative effort perfectly mirrors Amtico’s overarching commitment to sustainability. It also aligns with our first sustainability report and our unwavering dedication to waste reduction and showcases a remarkable feat: diverting 100% of operational waste from landfill at the Coventry factory. Part of Amtico’s ‘Responsible Foundations’ sustainability strategy, the Reducing Waste pillar is managed by a dedicated committee of colleagues from different areas of the business. They provide fresh and diverse insight into the company’s progress. The pillar also emphasises the integration of circular economy principles from design through to production.

As ResiLoop progresses towards its launch, Amtico remains steadfast in pioneering solutions that significantly reduce the environmental impact of resilient flooring. Over the next six months, ResiLoop will also explore potential end applications for the recyclates.

Our involvement in ResiLoop stands as a beacon of our commitment to sustainability, inviting others within the industry to join hands in reshaping the future of flooring, exploring diverse recycling avenues and collectively driving sustainability forward.

“We have been championing sustainability through our Responsible Foundations strategy and our on-going mission is to create flooring with lower climate impact, which conforms to circular economy principles, and to operate in a way which looks after people. As a leading British flooring manufacturer, we are proud to be a founding supporter of ResiLoop and we can’t wait to see the scheme revolutionise the flooring industry.”

Chris Robinson-Hart
Sustainability Manager, Amtico

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