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Amtico's Tree Planting Day at the Heart of England Forest

February 2022

Amtico is very proud of its responsible foundations. We take sustainability seriously and it underpins much of our work.

Without our people supporting us, the words can seem meaningless. That’s why it was exciting to see it put into action, in just a small way, at our tree planting day at the Heart of England Forest.

Amtico’s 52 volunteers, over three days, braved the windy and rainy conditions to plant new trees in the forest. In total 1,752 were planted – making an average of over 30 trees per person. It was amazing to watch – and we were all very happy to be part of the initiative.

We might have been in the middle of a muddy field but the smiles were evidence of how much people enjoyed it. As one of our volunteers said: “It was such a lovely experience and nicely set-up, really good salt of the earth stuff!”

Along with the environmental benefits, people enjoyed being in the company of others doing the same thing, noting: "I thought it was a really good day, and as well as being really productive, to get some fresh air for once. It was nice to spend some time with other people outside of my team (who I’ve never spoken to before!)"

Trees can absorb around a tonne of CO2 in their lifetime, so although our tree planting day will make just a small dent into harmful environmental emissions, it is one way we are demonstrating our commitment to making a difference.

To find out how we’re doing on sustainability and our plans as we move towards net zero, you can read the dedicated section on our website here: Responsible Foundations

Our approach to Sustainability

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