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As seen in: FX Design Seminar - Pattern Behaviour

June 2022

Experts from across the architecture and design worlds met at Amtico’s studio in London to discuss patterns’ influence on interior design, as magazine’s Design Seminar series – Pattern Behaviour.

The seminar was devoted to pattern and the role it plays in shaping our interior landscape. The conversations were wide-ranging and looked at historic as well as geographic perspectives and considered how technology and sustainability are changing our approach to pattern in interiors. Discussion ranged from how artificial intelligence and access to apps are democratising the use of pattern, to its longevity when looking back at different periods in time.

Looking back to look forward

All the participants agreed how pattern can actually anchor a design in its own time period – particularly referencing the 1951 Festival of Britain as an example. As Darren Lewis, Head of 2D Design at MET Studio, said about the Festival Hall that was the centrepiece: “You can’t take it out of that context without knowing it relates to that era, but it’s interesting that we can only look back at the past and identify it in that way.”


Talking about issues relating to both sustainability and how inspiration comes from the building or the client’s surroundings. Amtico’s Commercial Building Specialist, Sam Boyd, noted: “It can be the case that a client has seen a floor that they want to replicate using our Signature range. The pattern is linked to something they have seen in their area which they would like to incorporate.”

Technology and accessibility

Another area that provided fruitful conversation was how technology is giving unprecedented access to everyone. Apps, software and AI allows everyone to create pattern – for use in all kinds of interiors whether at home, in their offices or their everyday lives. The discussion focused on how that kind of access is changing people’s minds about pattern – perhaps allowing them to take bolder choices and allow it to feature much more in the built environment.

More than a backdrop

Touching on the natural world, and its influence on interior design, BDP’s Senior Interior Designer, Zena Jankowska said: “There are so many patterns in nature. Replicating them in interiors can provide camouflage to blend or connect spaces or provide significant expression”. She noted that there has been a recent increase in large, bold wallpapers and graphics.

The future of pattern

As the discussion turned to the future of pattern in interiors design, concern was expressed about technology devaluing artistry and how mass production and easy access might limit traditional craft skills. Although there was hope expressed that both worlds could be preserved. Macaila Vorster, Design Director of Interbrand, said: “Technology has helped us to be more creative, and do things that we never thought possible. What’s lovely about pattern is that you can design something in which you can see the inspiration and the subtle references to time or place.”

You can read more about the FX Design Seminar by reading the full article.

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