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Bringing the outside in with biophilic design

Connecting interior and exterior spaces through products and designs derived from nature is a wonderful way to create calming, soothing spaces inside your home.

Stone effect flooring featuring DC492 Echo Shadow

Echo Shadow, DC492 - from the Amtico Décor collection.

Biophilic design

Your home is your sanctuary, and by embracing Biophilic design which literally means 'love of nature' you can enhance a tranquil feel in any room. Biophilic design is said to not only help us rest and relax but can also help boost productivity, creativity and well-being through spacious schemes, natural lighting and organic textures.

From filling rooms with plants and greenery to choosing nature-inspired textiles and furnishings, there are plenty of ways to blur the boundaries between inside and out in your home. 


Natural thinking

As the foundation of any successful design scheme, flooring plays a key role in helping you bring the great outdoors inside your home. Taking influence from organic materials such as rich woods and contemporary stones and using hand-crafted embossing to emulate their natural textures, our Spacia and Form collections are perfect for bringing a sense of nature inside your home. Blending organically-influenced finishes with natural colourways, both can be used to complement classic and contemporary interiors and offer the added benefit of being low-maintenance, affordable and hygienic with antimicrobial properties built in.

Wood effect flooring featuring SS5W2530 Royal Oak  in Small Parquet.

Royal Oak, SS5W2530 - laid in Small Parquet.

Stone effect flooring featuring SS5S2629 Lichen in Uniform Tile

Lichen, SS5S2629 - in a Uniform Tile laying pattern. 

Contemporary or classic

Royal Oak in small parquet for instance is a characterful rustic-grained wood-effect LVT that will complement a traditional hallway, living area, kitchen or bedroom. For a natural stone look and feel, Lichen with its dusty green and grey undertones and Horizon’s smoky surface are great for giving bathrooms, kitchens and hallways a cool and calming aesthetic. Crema laid in an on-trend herringbone laying pattern is another way of adding texture to any space with its pale stone style that feels effortlessly natural.


Historic beauty

We also have three Décor designs in collaboration with the National Trust. Taking their cue from the heritage craftsmanship and historic patterns found in the UK’s National Trust properties, these distinctive and decorative geometric designs blend classic styling with a fresh, modern feel. Victorian Star Canterbury, with its rich, directional grain perfectly combines the styles of a traditional hardwood floor from a grand historic home with the everyday practicalities needed for modern life.

Wood effect flooring featuring DC472 Victorian Star Canterbury

Victorian Star Canterbury, DC472 - from the Amtico Décor collection. 

Stone effect flooring featuring SS5S2634 Horizon in Uniform Tile

Horizon, SS5S2634 - in a Uniform Tile laying pattern.

Finishing touches

Whichever flooring you prefer, be it wood or stone effect LVT, any of our stunning designs can be given the biophilic look by adding plenty of potted plants, succulents, fresh herbs and ‘living’ walls or simply by furnishing your space with natural timber furniture and organic textiles guaranteed to ground you after a long day.

Wood effect flooring featuring AR0W7750 Chalked Pine in Stripwood

Chalked Pine, AR0W7750 - in a Stripwood laying pattern.

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