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What is LVT?

Here at Amtico, our LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is very different from traditional vinyl flooring which has been ever-present in homes for decades. You may have a preconceived idea of vinyl flooring, but our tiles are very different, and there are lots of reasons why!

Amtico Spacia, Noche Travertine

Amtico Spacia, Noche Travertine

You may be wondering how LVT is different to the traditional vinyl flooring you remember. Well, our luxury vinyl tiles are made up of multiple layers of high quality materials such as PVC vinyl and resin compounded with plasticisers and stabilisers. These materials are then compressed under pressure and high temperature to create a hard-wearing flooring product. Each Amtico tile is manufactured with multiple backing layers as well as two performance wear layers and a Quantum Guard urethane treatment layer which makes our floor extremely durable and flexible. 


Amtico flooring is designed and manufactured at our UK factory in Coventry to guarantee superb quality, high performance and the ability withstand heavy use. So we're confident in the strength of our products, they all come with long lasting warranties to give you years of beautiful flooring. The stunning and beautifully patterned Amtico Signature collection offers a lifetime warranty which is even transferable to the next homeowner, while the elegant Amtico Spacia range offers a 25-year residential warranty.

What are the benefits of LVT?

There are several great benefits to our LVT. As mentioned, all our vinyl tiles are hard-wearing. Because of this, they’re able to withstand the challenges everyday life can through at your floor. Around the house, it’s really easy for your floor to get scratched, stained or scuffed particularly if you have young children or pets. While being long lasting, our vinyl flooring is also comfortable and warm underfoot. For those cold winter mornings, having a floor which you aren’t apprehensive to touch, barefoot as you get out of bed and move around your home is really important. Stone or ceramic floors can be naturally cold which isn’t the nicest feeling, especially when it’s cold outside! Amtico's tiles are naturally warm, and they’re also compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees Celsius. This makes it great for rooms such as the bathroom. Our tiles are slip and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged when you step out of the bath or shower with wet feet. Thanks to our innovative manufacturing processes and unique design, Amtico’s LVT is resistant to this kind of damage which makes it a great choice.

Where is LVT suitable?

One of the many rooms LVT is particularly suitable for is the kitchen. Even experienced cooks can spill things from time to time when preparing meals, and it’s reassuring to know that with LVT you have a floor which isn’t going to be damaged by a splash of pasta sauce or gravy. With our tiles, you just need to wipe up the liquid or food, and you don’t have to worry about a stain in the way you might with wood flooring or carpet in other rooms. This is really beneficial to lots of other areas of the home, such as the dining room, living room, or kitchen.

Despite being stain resistant, floors do get dirty, particularly in areas of high foot traffic and where people may be coming into your home from outside. Areas such as entrance hallways or corridors can have all kinds of dirt walked through before people take off their shoes. For this reason, having a floor which is really easy to clean can make life a lot easier. LVT is easy to clean and maintain with only a sweep and occasional mop needed to keep it looking its best. When compared with the cleaning requirements needed for flooring like hardwood or porcelain tiles, this makes vinyl flooring a far easier and less time-consuming flooring option to clean.

Amtico Spacia, Ceramic Sable

Amtico Spacia, Ceramic Sable

Amtico Spacia, Ceramic Sable

Amtico Spacia, Ceramic Sable laid in Herringbone tile, with Concrete Pale stripping. 

Patterned Floor Designs

If you do want a patterned floor design, such as a parquet, basket weave or flagstone, these can be easily achieved with our stylish Signature laying patterns. Amtico offers a range of stunning laying patterns and as well as a pre-designed collection of floors, called Designers' Choice where our experts have done all the hard work for you making it easy to choose a floor design which fits with your interior style. 

Amtico Signature Decor Collection, Classic Mono DC257

Amtico Signature, Decor Collection


If you have a unique floor design in mind you can experiment from a variety products and pattern combinations by using our room visualiser or speak to one of our retailers to help bring your ideas to life. 

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