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Introducing Spacia Stones

Soft, organic stones with injections of subtle, trend-led colour, Spacia's newest stone flooring makes a subtle and beautiful addition to any home. Hardwearing and warmer underfoot than stone, stone effect vinyl is the perfect choice for any home.

Spacia Stones
Spacia Stones

Subtle show stoppers

For the Modern Palette

Stone floors have an enduring appeal and there are lots to choose from in the new Spacia collection. From the subtly coloured Tones to ultra-modern Concretes, our Spacia Stones are perfect for those who love the look of a natural stone but want a warmer, maintenance-free solution.

Stones for any space

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Spacia Tones LVT
Spacia Tones LVT


Soft and Subtle

Grounded, understated and inspired by nature, the Tones palette includes nine soft, calming shades.

Patterns with Tones

All nine Tones are available in a selection of sizes - including Small and Large Parquet for a modern take on a traditional wood pattern. 

SS5S2633 Peak laid in Small Parquet

Peak, SS5S2633 - in a Small Parquet Laying Pattern.

SS5S2629 Lichen in a Uniform Bond Laying Pattern.

Lichen, SS5S2629 - in a Uniform Tile Laying Pattern.

Spacia Natural tumbled Stones
Spacia Natural tumbled Stones

Natural Tumbled Stones

Natural Character

Spacia's three Tumbled Stones are inspired by the Cotswolds and will bring all the character of natural stone flooring into your home. From the palest Kingham to the grey-toned Fairford, these stones are available in a selection of laying patterns which accentuate their natural characteristics.

SS5S1594 Kingham Stone in a Uniform Block Laying Pattern. 

Kingham Stone, SS5S1594 - in a Uniform Block Laying Pattern. 

SS5S1593 Stanton Stone laid in Fieldstone

Stanton Stone, SS5S1593 - in a Fieldstone Laying Pattern.

Cool Concretes

Industrial Feel

Sleek, concrete-effect floors aren't just for minimalists. Spacia's new concretes have soft, grey tones which bring a surprisingly homely feel to a space, and are warmer underfoot than the real thing. To create a seamless effect across a space, go for the larger tile sizes.