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Spacia Terrazzo

Inject personality into your home with one of our eight on-trend Terrazzos - the latest exciting additions to the Spacia collection. 

Spacia Terrazzo LVT
Spacia Terrazzo LVT

A piece of brilliance

Introducing the beautifully expressive Spacia Terrazzo, available in eight colourways from soft & pearlescent to dark & dramatic.

Terrazzo flooring transforms a room

Terrazzo has become one of the most sought after looks of the moment, so we are pleased to introduce our take on Terrazzo. A really useable choice for the home with colourways from cool Gibson, with its subtle pearlescent chips to bright and playful Sidecar. For an even bolder statement, try one of the Elemental Terrazzos, with their larger marble pieces and dense clusters of chips. 

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