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Gable Parquet

This mirrored pattern is bold, beautiful and highly useable. Small-scale pieces are reflected in four-part modules, which when laid together creates a beautiful floor that cleverly maximises tonal variety to give the illusion of depth.

Designers' Choice

Sophisticated, pre-designed and ready-to-use flooring combinations by the Amtico Design team using products from our premium Signature Collection. Offering greater choice and a simpler ordering process.

Gable Parquet Small DC503, DC503}
DC503Designers' Choice

Gable Parquet Small DC503

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Gable Parquet Small DC533, DC533}
DC533Designers' Choice

Gable Parquet Small DC533

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Gable Parquet Small DC534, DC534}
DC534Designers' Choice

Gable Parquet Small DC534

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Gable Parquet Small DC535, DC535}
DC535Designers' Choice

Gable Parquet Small DC535

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Gable Parquet Small DC536, DC536}
DC536Designers' Choice

Gable Parquet Small DC536

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Let's Get Really Creative!

A vision as unique as yours needs a bespoke process to support it.

Simply select the product and pattern you like to create a one-of-a-kind floor that is perfect for your space. Use our Room Visualiser to explore the endless possibilities available to you.

1. Find the product

Find the colour or hue you want from our extensive collection of planks and tiles.

2. Choose the pattern

Bring them to life in one of our Amtico Signature floor patterns.

3. Create your floor

The finished result will be a floor as unique as your vision.

Select a Gable Parquet pattern option to begin.

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