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This Is Where We Stand On Climate Action

We don’t believe in greenwashing.

So we’re gathering data, to set real, achievable carbon reduction targets, for the next five years.

Material Science

Today - Tomorrow

We believe leading manufacturers should be climate leaders, too.

Identifying efficiencies

We support the UK’s legislation on Net Zero and recognise climate change as a defining challenge of our time. As a British manufacturer, we are taking a proactive approach to reducing our environmental impact and have made significant efficiencies from office to factory floor already.

We still have work to do and, throughout 2022 our priority was collecting reliable data to get ahead of regulatory demands to cut carbon and waste at source. We’re working hard, measuring and benchmarking our performance, because that’s the only way to set achievable carbon reduction targets for the next five years.

Measuring our performance

Now and Next

Now: Reduce carbon. Introduce low carbon LVT flooring created with sustainable PVC.
Next: Scope 3. Measure and report scope 3 emissions to identify our cradle to gate carbon footprint.

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Reducing Waste

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