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Our People

There are 78 million* reasons to choose Amtico. We just want to talk about six hundred of them. Our people.

*Amazing how many ways you can combine our products and patterns!

The pioneers – designers, manufacturers, technologists and consultants – who challenge the idea of what is possible, for product, for service, for impact. The people who built our reputation. They’re the reason we lead the industry.

Always opening your eyes with new collections and trends

Our floors begin in the imagination and ambition of our people. World-travelled, curious, informed and restlessly creative they design beautiful floors that inspire and empower those who move across them.

The combination of expertise, dedication and an obsessive pursuit of craft can be found in each and every one of our products and patterns. There’s an art to designing exquisite floors.

We call it Designers’ Choice.

Honed over 50 years of British heritage, with care at its very core

Realising all of these ideas is our community of skilled, time-served production experts at our manufacturing centre.

We’re proudly located in Coventry, our home and a historic city, globally recognised for its continued contribution to British design, craft and engineering.

Always there for every step of your flooring journey

It’s not enough to just make something. We have to ensure that we nurture, follow, and support all of our products, relationships and people along their journey.

Since man first started exploring space, we’ve been revolutionising yours

Making floors is a way of life. It’s what we do. Some of our team have been doing it for over 47 years, which is why you can trust us when we say that we live and breathe flooring.

You can trust us when we say we’re completely dedicated.

We have a secret adhesive that keeps all of our incredible people joined and moving forward together – it’s our culture.

It’s something that can’t be manufactured and is our proudest achievement.

Always ensuring our quality exceeds your standards

The formula is simple. We combine relentless dedication with top-of-class expertise. Then we add that to every single floor we make.

Our people ensure our process is seamless even when pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Whether that’s through experimentation or rigorous quality control, they stop at nothing to ensure every one of our products delivers what’s required of it.


For everyone who wants something extraordinary

We know what it means to create something truly beautiful and we work tirelessly with you to bring your vision and your ideas to life.

If you need something truly unique, one-of-a-kind, original, we're on hand to make Your Story, Your Stage.

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