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Making an Entrance with Amtico Entryway

It’s your floor’s first line of defence.

Visitors to commercial buildings won’t always consider the type of flooring they are walking on. After all, for many, it is simply a functional product. However, flooring fulfils an incredibly important role, regardless of the environment. It not only needs to provide a durable surface but also deliver on a design level, complementing interior schemes while balancing practicality with flexibility.

Entryway Inertia Static in a Brick pattern with Amtico Signature Exposed Concrete LVT.

Those first few steps into any building are critical to the performance of the flooring throughout a facility. This is because there is a tendency for people to instinctively wipe their feet before stepping onto the floor when entering, whether it’s coming home or stepping into a hotel reception.

That’s where proper entrance matting can enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of commercial flooring. By trapping excess dirt and moisture at the door, Amtico Entryway reduces maintenance costs, extends flooring life, and enhances safety.

Entryway contributes to safety & hygiene

We recommend installing at least 6-8 foot-falls of Entryway tiles or planks in each entrance area. This will allow the system to achieve an optimum level of performance and also improves safety by minimising slip hazards.

Entrance matting is designed to offer hardworking functionality and understated style. It has a tough and resilient barrier, protecting the surrounding floor by trapping and removing excess dirt and moisture from visitors’ shoes at the door. Not only does this safeguard the aesthetics of the floor further inside, it also plays a critical role in terms of safety and helping to reduce slips and trips – one of the most common forms of workplace accidents.

In a world where cleaning and hygiene are more important than ever before, choosing products that work together is key. While carpet can be considered by some to harbour dirt and dust, it’s the job of Entryway to help reduce this, and to make cleaning the interior floors quick and easy.

Entryway Ruffian Tan Tetons, with Amtico Access Ceramic Flint.

Aesthetics aren’t compromised

Amtico Entryway is available in five designs, covering planks and tiles, in subtle shades of grey, brown and dark blue to complement a wide range of flooring schemes. Tiles can be laid in different formations to achieve varying effects Entryway is easy to cut into shapes to fit in with specific spaces or patterns, enhancing the overall look and flow of the floor.

The performance benefits are obvious

Scraper fibres remove soil and debris, while reinforced nylon fibres remove moisture. The combination of these two types of fibres provides optimum soil and moisture removal.

Entryway Ruffian Ebony Earth paid with Amtico Access - Cavalier Oak, Winter Oak, Shadow Oak laid in herringbone and Amtico Carpet - Cable Merino.

It’s easy to specify and maintain

With two plank and tile options, Entryway is easy to specify, and is stocked in the UK for quick delivery. It also comes with a 10 year commercial guarantee for your peace of mind.

As Entryway will be fitted in the most demanding of locations, we recommend using a fully bonded adhesive system for trouble-free installation. Visit our technical section or speak to our technical specialists who can advise of the best Amtico adhesive for your space.

Focusing cleaning efforts on entrance areas ensures the beauty and longevity of your entire flooring investment. Entryway should be vacuumed every day as part of your cleaning regime. A good quality vacuum will remove 80% of soiling from your matting. We also recommend hot water extraction every so often, depending on footfall and soiling levels to keep it looking fresh and new.

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Amtico Entryway offers hardworking functionality and understated style for busy lobbies and entrances.