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Specifying LVT over Ceramic

In our recent article highlighting the many benefits of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring over natural materials, we focused on LVT as an alternative to traditional wood options. Here, we look at how British designed and manufactured LVT can provide all the natural beauty and hard-wearing properties of ceramic floors while helping you to achieve your creative ambition in commercial projects.

Bespoke laying pattern featuring Basilica Salt, Kura Caraway and Graphite Slate.

Why opt for LVT?

Specifying LVT flooring opens up significant design potential for meeting the ever-shifting challenges of commercial interiors. It is a highly durable flooring solution with many practical performance characteristics – there’s no compromise on quality or design with LVT. Every Amtico Signature floor is made to order by our expert teams in Coventry, benefitting from more than 50 years of design innovation and experience.

True design versatility

Without doubt, a ceramic-tiled floor will achieve a high-quality, timeless look – one that will provide a classic backdrop for a variety of interior schemes. But to keep up with design trends and use flooring as an integral part of an interior theme requires a product that has true design versatility to create sophisticated minimalism or high drama – and isn’t too costly or time-consuming to clean, maintain or update, either.

Modern techniques used by our design and manufacturing teams to create the authentic surface finishes and textures of LVT Stones make it difficult to tell the difference between traditional ceramic and LVT. With enhanced palettes including Tempus, which explores the creative space between ceramic and stone, and Colour Edit, a 25-piece spectrum of complementary tones, there are so many useable options for creating beautifully natural-looking stone and ceramic floors.

Bespoke laying pattern featuring Diffusion Lux, Diffusion Chambray and Stucco Flax.

Define with pattern

Traditional laying patterns for ceramic tiles, including large-scale staggered block options through to linear patterns, are impressive in open spaces and can easily be achieved in LVT, as can many more exclusive patterns that rely on the structural flexibility of LVT to ensure precision-cut edges and an accurate fit. LVT Stones are integral to our Designers’ Choice Collection, providing more than 100 predefined floors that can be personalised through colour and texture.

Amtico Décor is a striking example of how LVT can authentically represent ceramic while providing the durability and quality expected of a commercial solution. It beautifully accents areas such as around a bar in a boutique hotel or within a cosy seating area as a rug feature, and has a pre-taped, modular construction that makes it quick to lay and highly useable in commercial spaces.

Classic Mono - from the Amtico Décor collection.

Echo Ink paired with Aged Oak in a Halcyon Pleat laying pattern.

Performance and durability

Traditional ceramic is super hard and wears well. However, it’s so hard that if a heavy object is dropped it can instantly crack or chip the surface, creating a damaged tile (and a trip hazard) that needs to be replaced – something that isn’t an easy job. Grouting also needs to be maintained with a ceramic floor and can come loose over time.

LVT is a cost-effective alternative that can be installed over an existing subfloor, is easy to clean and maintain, and is straightforward and quick to replace if needed. Its technically advanced layering system will cushion falling objects, not crack or chip, and provides underfoot comfort, high resistance to wear and a water resistant surface finish – it can also be manufactured with an antimicrobial slip resistant finish and acoustic backings for enhanced performance.

Product, pattern or pure imagination?

With Amtico, expressive commercial flooring design begins wherever you choose – with product, pattern or imagination – and the unlimited possibilities with LVT mean a creative flooring idea can be brought to life and make a space unique in any commercial interior.

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