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Specifying LVT over Sheet Vinyl

In this article looking at luxury vinyl tile (LVT) as an alternative to traditional flooring, we consider the benefits of LVT over sheet vinyl.

Halo Pine laid in a Herringbone Laying Pattern and Stria Volcanic.

Amtico’s industry leading LVT is designed and manufactured at our Coventry factory to provide the performance characteristics and design aesthetics demanded from commercial projects. With our enhanced collections, you can create stunning spaces that promote wellbeing while meeting guidelines for safety flooring.

What does LVT bring to a project?

Freedom of design is one of the main reasons for specifying LVT over sheet vinyl flooring in commercial projects. Planks and tiles have far bigger repeats than those seen with sheet, which can soon become obvious because of their fixed nature.

LVT Wood, Stone and Abstract palettes achieve a more natural, high-quality appearance and can be installed in a variety of product combinations and laying patterns. This provides scope for truly complementing an interior theme with different textures and finishes and zoning areas within an open space – something not as easy to achieve with continuous sheet.

Now, technically advanced LVT can be specified as a safety flooring option, meaning sheet vinyl isn’t the only way to meet safety guidelines.

Kura Anise and Kura Caraway laid in a Broken Bond Laying Pattern.

Nordic Oak from the Amtico Spacia 36+ Collection.

Safety flooring with design sophistication

Historically, sheet has been the go-to solution for safety flooring in certain environments because of its built-in slip-resistant qualities. It certainly has a role to play in expansive environments where cost and time are constraints and a single flooring solution throughout is sufficient to meet the brief. However, welded joins are still needed and can look unsightly. If not done properly, they will still lift, causing both a trip hazard and issues with cleaning and hygiene.

For a more creative solution in demanding commercial environments, including healthcare, hospitality and education settings, Amtico has developed Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+. The technically advanced planks and tiles are manufactured using a unique technique that distributes slip-resistant particles throughout the wear layers to meet the requirements of the enhanced slip standard without compromising on the aesthetic.

LVT is also far easier to use as part of a scheme. Install standard Signature planks and tiles adjacent to Signature 36+, for example, or create a seamless transition from LVT to carpet.

Antimicrobial protection

Another growing trend being seen in commercial flooring specs is the need for antimicrobial protection. Our Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+ collections contain an active ingredient that has been proven, under blind independent lab tests, to resist the growth of bacteria, such as MRSA and E.coli, throughout the useable lifetime of the floor.

Alpine Oak from the Amtico Signature 36+ Collection.

Weathered Oak laid in a Herringbone Laying Pattern.

Durable and easy to install, maintain and replace

LVT is acoustically superior, resistant to water and staining, and highly durable.
The Amtico Signature 36+ LVT is designed to withstand heavy traffic areas with its toughened 1mm wear layer, Quantum Guard Elite protection and a 20-year commercial warranty.

Because LVT is boxed, rather than supplied in heavy rolls that require two people to lift, it’s easier to install. It’s also as simple to clean and maintain as sheet, and quick and easy to replace if damage does occur. Replacing an entire sheet is costly and not practical, and patching an area is only really viable as a short-term solution within high-spec commercial areas.

UK manufacture with quick turnaround

If a commercial project requires UK-manufactured safety flooring that provides design flexibility and is ready to be delivered quickly to meet short lead times, then consider both Amtico Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+ for realistic design and consistent performance over the floor’s entire lifetime.

Explore our 36+ LVT Collections


Signature 36+

Delivering sustainable slip resistance, combined with the same extraordinary design philosophy that defines Amtico Signature.

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Spacia 36+

A collection built for greater safety, Spacia 36+ has slip-resistant and antimicrobial properties built into every plank.

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