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The appeal of geometric flooring patterns

Geometric patterns are everywhere we look. It’s been a big trend for the last few years, whether visualised as bold and daring through striking colour combinations or soft and subtle using neutral and complementary tones.

Lune provides beautiful zoning solutions with its circular geometries. Seen here in Deptford Concrete and Tyne Concrete.

We at Amtico work with architects and interior designers on a variety of geometric flooring patterns that add visual interest, make a lasting impression and bring a unique look and feel to a commercial space.

Changing the shape of flooring

What’s intriguing about a geometric flooring pattern – and particularly useful from a design perspective – is how colour, shape, tone and material influence how the pattern works and what shape the pattern makes.

Cleverly alternating light and dark tones can add depth and really bring out the inherent 3D aspect of certain pattern types. And pairing complementary neutral tones can soften and mellow the overall feel of the geometry for a more elegant approach. You can determine the overall standout shape of a geometric floor pattern through careful product placement within a repeating pattern series – Check and Key Stone Mini are fantastic examples of how a shape can be brought out or changed entirely through product choice.

The geometric floor pattern features Signature's Graphite Slate, Basilica Salt and Kura Caraway in a Check laying pattern.

DC592 in Key Stone Mini gives this classic geometric pattern a sense of decadence.

Why a geometric floor pattern works so well

Hospitality is a strong sector for geometric floor design, particularly in a bespoke pattern, and we’ve been looking at why our clients introduced geometry to some of their projects:


The word ‘unique’ can be overused, but when a client’s brief specifically asks for ‘unique’, Amtico’s Bespoke design and cutting service can create a one-off geometric floor pattern such as this created for Oktra offices in London. The new office has dual-functionality at its heart, with spaces created as an anchor point to showcase the finest products to clients and visitors. The tea point area features a bespoke design with durability in mind. Shards of Amtico Signature in Onyx Marble, Jura Yellow, Encaustic Jasper, Stucco Indigo and Stria Rock come together for a dynamic and fun design to inspire visitors and show the possibilities of custom LVT flooring.

Bespoke Project: Oktra, London.

Echoing existing design elements

Creating a tailored floor design for a hospitality interior can help reinforce, and even echo, existing design features, as seen with this beautiful Amtico Bespoke geometric floor pattern at Santander's work cafe. Amtico produced a bespoke laying pattern, using shards of Signature in Worn Oak, Solar Pine and Exposed Concrete for an ultramodern and urban look to inspire visitors, create specific zones and link the two floors of the building.

Bespoke Project: Santander, Jersey.

Brand reflection

For Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, they also opted for a striking geometric floor - created using a mix of bright colourways. The brief was to create a feature seating area and vibrant corridor-style walkway to celebrate today’s diverse society, with a nod to the university’s international status and the LGBTQ+ flag.

Design your space using Amtico's Bespoke Services

Our in-house creative team can help advise on product choice, laying pattern and finishes before perfecting your design with CAD expertise.