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The Largest Choice of LVT Parquet

One of our most enduring patterns, sophisticated parquet remains a popular choice.
Any of Amtico's planks can be laid in a simple herringbone pattern, but our design team has created two specific sizes, large and small, that perfectly demonstrate the varied grains and delicate textures in our wood and stone designs.

Large & Small Parquet

Large and small parquet can be specified across all Amtico's key collections, and for enhanced performance, our parquet can also be specified with acoustic backing and as a 36+ slip-resistant floor.

Find out more about the parquet options in each of our collections:

Amtico Signature Parquet

An exclusive selection of individually crafted designs and ready-to-use combinations from our Designers' Choice collection. Ordered with a simple DC code, these combinations have been put together by our in-house design team and are guaranteed to create an impact in any space.

Parquet Small DC337, DC337}
DC337Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC337

Parquet Small DC515, DC515}
DC515Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC515

Parquet Small DC516, DC516}
DC516Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC516

Parquet Small DC517, DC517}
DC517Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC517

Parquet Small DC518, DC518}
DC518Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC518

Parquet Small DC519, DC519}
DC519Designers' Choice

Parquet Small DC519

Parquet Large DC467, DC467}
DC467Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC467

Parquet Large DC520, DC520}
DC520Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC520

Parquet Large DC521, DC521}
DC521Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC521

Parquet Large DC522, DC522}
DC522Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC522

Parquet Large DC523, DC523}
DC523Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC523

Parquet Large DC524, DC524}
DC524Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC524

Parquet Large DC525, DC525}
DC525Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC525

Parquet Large DC526, DC526}
DC526Designers' Choice

Parquet Large DC526

For unique visions, and beautifully bespoke spaces.

Using the pattern wireframes, experiment with colour and texture combinations from our Signature collection to create your own unique flooring design.

Parquet with Amtico Form

Amtico Form Parquet combines the calming power of wood with a hard wearing 0.7mm LVT. Amtico Form Large and Small Parquets are perfect for hard-working commercial spaces where a natural feel is required.

Burnished Timber in Small Parquet, FP133}
FP133Amtico Form

Burnished Timber in Small Parquet

Native Grey Wood in Small Parquet, FP137}
FP137Amtico Form

Native Grey Wood in Small Parquet

Valley Oak in Small Parquet, FP131}
FP131Amtico Form

Valley Oak in Small Parquet

Drift Oak in Small Parquet, FP130}
FP130Amtico Form

Drift Oak in Small Parquet

Strand Oak in Small Parquet, FP124}
FP124Amtico Form

Strand Oak in Small Parquet

Skerry Oak in Small Parquet, FP129}
FP129Amtico Form

Skerry Oak in Small Parquet

Boardwalk Oak in Small Parquet, FP128}
FP128Amtico Form

Boardwalk Oak in Small Parquet

Cowrie Oak in Small Parquet, FP127}
FP127Amtico Form

Cowrie Oak in Small Parquet

Shell Oak in Small Parquet, FP126}
FP126Amtico Form

Shell Oak in Small Parquet

Seaboard Oak in Small Parquet, FP125}
FP125Amtico Form

Seaboard Oak in Small Parquet

Amber Oak in Small Parquet, FP123}
FP123Amtico Form

Amber Oak in Small Parquet

Eventide Oak in Small Parquet, FP122}
FP122Amtico Form

Eventide Oak in Small Parquet

Dimmet Oak in Small Parquet, FP121}
FP121Amtico Form

Dimmet Oak in Small Parquet

Dusted Oak in Small Parquet, FP120}
FP120Amtico Form

Dusted Oak in Small Parquet

Bergen Oak in Small Parquet, FP119}
FP119Amtico Form

Bergen Oak in Small Parquet

Kalmar Oak in Small Parquet, FP118}
FP118Amtico Form

Kalmar Oak in Small Parquet

Bister Oak in Small Parquet, FP117}
FP117Amtico Form

Bister Oak in Small Parquet

Fawn Oak in Small Parquet, FP116}
FP116Amtico Form

Fawn Oak in Small Parquet

Gotland Oak in Small Parquet, FP115}
FP115Amtico Form

Gotland Oak in Small Parquet

Bureau Oak in Small Parquet, FP136}
FP136Amtico Form

Bureau Oak in Small Parquet

Carved Oak in Small Parquet, FP135}
FP135Amtico Form

Carved Oak in Small Parquet

Rural Oak in Small Parquet, FP134}
FP134Amtico Form

Rural Oak in Small Parquet

Cottage Limed Wood in Small Parquet, FP132}
FP132Amtico Form

Cottage Limed Wood in Small Parquet

Parquet with Amtico Spacia

For parquet your way, specify beautifully simple Spacia. This trend-leading collection features a wide range of parquet options from classic wood grains to contemporary marble and elegant stone. Hard-wearing 0.55mm LVT, Spacia Parquet is quick to install and guaranteed to perform for ten years.

Muted Oak in Small Parquet, SP102}
SP102Amtico Spacia

Muted Oak in Small Parquet

Pale Ash in Small Parquet, SP120}
SP120Amtico Spacia

Pale Ash in Small Parquet

Featured Oak in Small Parquet, SP132}
SP132Amtico Spacia

Featured Oak in Small Parquet

Mulled Oak in Small Parquet, SP101}
SP101Amtico Spacia

Mulled Oak in Small Parquet

Noble Oak in Small Parquet, SP121}
SP121Amtico Spacia

Noble Oak in Small Parquet

Honey Oak in Small Parquet, SP128}
SP128Amtico Spacia

Honey Oak in Small Parquet

Traditional Oak in Small Parquet, SP130}
SP130Amtico Spacia

Traditional Oak in Small Parquet

Royal Oak in Small Parquet, SP134}
SP134Amtico Spacia

Royal Oak in Small Parquet

Black Walnut in Small Parquet, SP122}
SP122Amtico Spacia

Black Walnut in Small Parquet

Powdered Oak in Small Parquet, SP103}
SP103Amtico Spacia

Powdered Oak in Small Parquet

Sun Bleached Oak in Small Parquet, SP126}
SP126Amtico Spacia

Sun Bleached Oak in Small Parquet

Iced Oak in Small Parquet, SP104}
SP104Amtico Spacia

Iced Oak in Small Parquet

White Ash in Small Parquet, SP123}
SP123Amtico Spacia

White Ash in Small Parquet

Nordic Oak in Small Parquet, SP124}
SP124Amtico Spacia

Nordic Oak in Small Parquet

Coastal Pine in Small Parquet, SP127}
SP127Amtico Spacia

Coastal Pine in Small Parquet

Blackened Spa Wood in Small Parquet, SP136}
SP136Amtico Spacia

Blackened Spa Wood in Small Parquet

Rialto Concrete in Small Parquet, SP118}
SP118Amtico Spacia

Rialto Concrete in Small Parquet

Villa Concrete in Small Parquet, SP119}
SP119Amtico Spacia

Villa Concrete in Small Parquet

White Marble in Small Parquet, SP105}
SP105Amtico Spacia

White Marble in Small Parquet

Grey Marble in Small Parquet, SP108}
SP108Amtico Spacia

Grey Marble in Small Parquet

Rose Marble in Small Parquet, SP107}
SP107Amtico Spacia

Rose Marble in Small Parquet

Black Marble in Small Parquet, SP106}
SP106Amtico Spacia

Black Marble in Small Parquet

Snow in Small Parquet, SP116}
SP116Amtico Spacia

Snow in Small Parquet

Salt  in Small Parquet, SP117}
SP117Amtico Spacia

Salt in Small Parquet

Pampas in Small Parquet, SP110}
SP110Amtico Spacia

Pampas in Small Parquet

Lichen in Small Parquet, SP115}
SP115Amtico Spacia

Lichen in Small Parquet

Peak  in Small Parquet, SP111}
SP111Amtico Spacia

Peak in Small Parquet

Vista in Small Parquet, SP109}
SP109Amtico Spacia

Vista in Small Parquet

Sea in Small Parquet, SP114}
SP114Amtico Spacia

Sea in Small Parquet

Horizon in Small Parquet, SP113}
SP113Amtico Spacia

Horizon in Small Parquet

Earth in Small Parquet, SP112}
SP112Amtico Spacia

Earth in Small Parquet

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