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LVT Flooring FAQs

LVT (Luxury Vinyl tile) is different from traditional vinyl flooring. It is high quality and practical providing many benefits, and can be used anywhere in your home. Amtico LVT is manufactured to exacting standards using multiple layers of high-quality materials, including PVC, vinyl and resin, which are then compounded with plasticisers and stabilisers. By compressing these materials under pressure and high temperatures, Amtico LVT is hard-wearing, extremely durable flooring that will look beautiful in your home for years to come.

There are some important differences between LVT and sheet vinyl. One is that LVT comes in a large choice of plank or tile sizes so you can select colours, designs and laying patterns to better suit your space. Whereas sheet vinyl comes in a roll, so it’s usually installed in one or two large pieces. Another difference is that LVT has a much thicker wear layer than sheet vinyl, making it far more durable and resistant to scuffs and scratches. It’s also much easier and cheaper to replace a single LVT tile if it gets damaged than it is to replace a complete sheet vinyl floor.

Amtico LVT is an attractive choice throughout a home, with its water-resistant properties and durability making it perfect for busy family spaces. All Amtico LVT collections will look beautiful and function brilliantly in bathrooms and kitchens, but if you're undecided, we recommend Click Smart which is easy to fit and its click-locking mechanism requires no adhesive. The collection is also 100% waterproof and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

All Amtico LVT collections have a durable wear layer that helps to protect a floor from daily use – even when you have lively pets or a busy family life, and lots of comings and goings! If you have dogs, we recommend Amtico Signature LVT because it has the thickest wear layer at 1mm. It also features a Quantum Guard Elite top layer, a patented urethane treatment that provides extra durability and excellent protection against everyday wear and tear.

For any Amtico LVT, using Amtico Dressing on your new floor will add an extra layer of protection against minor scuffs and scratches. Our Wear and Care guide tells you all you need to know.

Yes, it can. Amtico LVT collections work with underfloor heating, so you don’t need to worry about the warping or cracking that can happen with some natural flooring materials. Your underfloor heating system will need to be installed, commissioned and working with no leaks before your Amtico floor is laid. Also to note is that the underfloor heating system will need switching off at least 48 hours before Amtico is laid, and not turned on again for at least another 48 hours. It’s also important that your underfloor heating temperature doesn’t exceed 27˚C, as this may damage the LVT. Your flooring installer can find more information in our installation guidelines.

LVT provides many benefits over natural, stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles. Our stone LVT designs look authentic and are durable and easy to clean – perfect for busy households. Where natural ceramic/stone floors are cold to the touch and a damaged tile is difficult to replace, LVT equivalents are not only warm underfoot, but it’s much easier to replace a damaged tile, or to buff out minor scuffs and scratches. LVT can enhance a period interior, too. Take a look at Amtico Décor, inspired by 19th-century Victorian ceramic tiles.

Just to note, Amtico LVT isn’t suitable for use outside or in unheated areas.

LVT is more durable than laminate, laminate is made from wood pulp and resin with a plastic top and is not waterproof. LVT is also available in a much wider range of designs and colours to suit any room.

We design and manufacture four Amtico LVT collections: Signature, Form and Spacia are glued-down LVT, and Click Smart is a loose-lay option.

Amtico Signature is our premium collection of inspirational, design-led products, offering many exclusive Designers’ Choice laying patterns and geometric designs with Victorian styling in Décor. Signature is designed and made in Britain and includes a 1mm wear layer – the thickest we offer – along with a Lifetime warranty.

Amtico Form is versatile and practical, providing realistic wood and stone designs perfect for modern living. Form’s 0.7mm wear layer provides comfort underfoot and good durability, and the collection comes with a 30-year warranty.

Amtico Spacia is a focused flooring collection that features both natural and trend-led colours and offers planks/tiles in a range of sizes, including two Parquet options. This simplified range has a 0.55mm wear layer and carries a 25-year warranty.

Amtico Click Smart is stylish and versatile, ideal for busy family life. This collection isn’t glued down, meaning it can be installed easily using a click system over an existing level floor. It’s 100% waterproof – perfect for busy spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The wear layer is the top layer of Amtico LVT that protects against minor scuffs and scratches while improving slip resistance. As you’d probably expect, the thicker the wear layer, the more durable the finish.

Our Signature collection has the thickest wear layer: an extra-hard-wearing 1mm layer enhanced with a top Quantum Guard Elite layer, a patented urethane treatment that provides the ultimate protection against everyday scuffs and stains.

Amtico Form has a 0.7mm wear layer, and our Spacia and Click Smart collections both feature a 0.55mm wear layer.

All new LVT floors will benefit from an application of Amtico Dressing to add a layer of protection against minor scuffs and scratches. See our Wear and Care guide for more information on how best to look after your Amtico floor.

Our Signature, Form and Spacia LVT tiles are water-resistant, but the adhesive could soften if the floor is underwater for a long time. Amtico Click Smart is a loose-lay collection, not glued-down, which is 100% waterproof.

Amtico LVT is phthalate-free and doesn’t contain formaldehyde or asbestos. For information on VOCs, please see our Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate. This demonstrates Amtico’s compliance with VOC requirements.

No, Amtico flooring does not contain asbestos. Amtico has been manufactured in the UK for 60 years and in that time, asbestos has never formed part of its manufacture or construction. However, it is important with old tiles if the manufacturer is uncertain to proceed with caution, and if in any doubt the general advice we understand is to leave them in situ and not to remove or raise dust.

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